Edge Driver - Third Reality Smart Button

Can anyone comment on the availability of an Edge Driver for the Third Reality Smart Button:
Model 3RSB22BZ. I found Third Reality Zigbee Buttons listed here on GitHub, but this particular model is not in the list. This is a single button device with three action modes, pressed, double pressed and hold. It connects with the SmartThings App as a Third Reality Smart Button using the “SmartSense Button” DTH. However, when I set it up it only functions on two of the three modes, double pressed and hold. Each mode change is acknowledged in the app, meaning when I single press the switch the pressed status is registered in the app, however the programmed device does not respond. Any help/advice will be appreciated.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo could this be added to your driver?

I’m unsure what you are asking. Could what be added to my driver?

He was tagging the developer of this driver asking if support for your button would be possible. It works for Third Reality Zigbee plugs presently.

In a few days, I might try to include it in the st zigbee button Mc driver.
If you send me the exact manufacturer and model and the clusters taken from the IDE


Gotcha. Thanks.

This is info from the IDE. I’m unsure what the “clusters” are and where I need to go to retrieve this data?

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Perfect with this information.
The clusters are the data that appear in the Raw description section.

I’ll let you know when I add it so you can try it

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Zigbee devices communicate in a standardized format which uses “clusters” for specific types of information.

When a zigbee device first joins a new network, it “advertises” itself by listing the type of device it is and the codes for the clusters that it can understand. That’s what the IDE lists as the “raw data” for the device.

0104 is a Home Automation Device: you will see that in most devices that work with smartthings.

Here’s a good discussion with examples:

And here’s the Cluster Library spec for zigbee 3.0


Thank you.

Good information JD. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Bud_M

Does the solo connect to this DTH or does it connect as a thing and then you have to switch to the DTH smartsense Button?

Does it also measure temperature as the DTH says?

The Device was connecting to the DTH smartsense button. I was advised by Third Reality that their engineers made changes to the button and now I see it is connecting to the ‘Ikea Button’. The changes resulted in the button functioning correctly now. The device no longer shows temperature. It does display battery.


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Hi @Bud_M

If it works fine with the Ikea button and with the smartsense button it didn’t work, I don’t think it will work with my driver which is like the smartsense Button.

If you want I add it and try

Hi @Bud_M

Did you find an Edge driver for this button?

Hi Brad,

I submitted a request on the ST Community for to developer Yakov Gerlovin See: https://community.smartthings.com/t/st-edge-beta-buttons-and-remotes-edge-driver-aqara-ikea-tuya/241708/22

You may want to bookmark this thread for receipt of a potential driver solution.

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Released an Edge driver which supports the Third Reality Smart Button. Check details here:


@csstup @Buds_Smart_Home i just added the third reality motion sensor and it worked with the Zigbee Motion Sensor Driver. Just an FYI

This thread is regarding the Third Reality Smart Button, which didn’t have an Edge driver until Corey released his today.

It isn’t that Third Reality devices aren’t supported in stock Edge drivers, it is that the button in particular hasn’t been added to the ZigBee Button driver yet. We can reasonably expect it to be as it is fingerprinted in the Ikea Button DTH, but now users have the option not to wait.