Edge driver request for NuTone/Broan Z-Wave Switch/Dimmer/Transmitter NWS15Z/NWD500Z/NWT00Z

A bunch of the following were liquidated on eBay in the last few years:

NWS15Z Switch
zw:L type:1003 mfr:014F prod:5257 model:3533 ver:5.41 zwv:3.42 lib:06 cc:25,2B,2C,27,73,70,86,72

NWD500Z Dimmer
zw:L type:1104 mfr:014F prod:4457 model:3034 ver:5.41 zwv:3.42 lib:06 cc:26,2B,2C,27,73,70,86,72

NWT00Z Transmitter
zw:L type:1200 mfr:014F prod:5457 model:3033 ver:5.41 zwv:3.42 lib:06 cc:87,25,26,27,85,70,86,72 ccOut:20,26

The switch/dimmer are going to be totally generic, but the transmitter needs the association parameters to pair with another device.

The devices must be rebranded because there are no entries at the Z-Wave Alliance.