(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc


Almost everything works well.

I have to fix:
the power and energy values are output.
I’m going to put a capability on it to see the soil temperature
I don’t know why, it says that it does not support the 0x0000, occupancy attribute when the manual does include it for the Away mod.

The logs are missing when you select AWAY mode on the thermostat to see what it sends to the driver.

I will write to you privately and you will answer me there.

Hi…I’m intermediate level with Smartthings and just a beginner with Edge Drivers. I just installed the latest beta temp sensor with child thermostat and paired my aqara temp sensor.

Everything was good with my new routines to turn on an electric heater based on temp. Out of nowhere the temp sensor goes from reporting 69.6⁰ f to 30⁰f. Which of course turned on my heater. Needless to say, it was not 30⁰f on my room.

I did have an offset of -1. After the drop to 30⁰, I set the order back to 0…not sure if that would have caused this though.

Any ideas what caused? 20 min later it did update to 72.1⁰f and my heater turned off.

It would be awesome if we could just install a virtual thermostat and choose an existing temp sensor. Current I have an ecobee thermostat downstairs and remote sensors in other rooms. I would love to just be able to use my ecobee remote sensor to measure and feed temp to the vThermostat. Right now, I have to use my aqara sensors with this driver as I don’t want to unpair my ecobee sensors from the ecobee app.

I know there are some virtual thermostat drivers now but I don’t believe they allow setting a temp sensor.

If the remote Ecobee sensors show up in ST you could use the API Rules. The rule would transfer the room temperature from your remote Ecobee device to the virtual thermostat. You can copy some ones rule, edit the devise IDs and upload the revised rule using @TAustin API Browser+.

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I can accomplish that with Sharptools, which I just tested. Thanks for getting my mind on that track. I just think it would be really clean to have a vThermostat with a setting to choose the temp sensor of your choice.

Hi @jrichardw

In my case it’s never 0⁰. It’s around 30. I just checked the history of my other aqara sensors that’s not using your driver and occasionally drop from 67 to 32F.

So just ignoring 0⁰ like the other developer did won’t fix mine. What it tells me though is that the aqara sensor is just too unreliable for a heater automation. Kinda dangerous even.

I’ve since stopped using aqara for this case and I’m using my ecobee sensor. I’m using a vEdge driver with a vThermostat. I’m sending values of my sensor to the thermostat with Sharptools. I could not use your thermostat because it doesn’t let me set the temp value.

32⁰F is 0⁰C


All zigbee devices sent temperature in °C, the app convert to °F for locations.
0°C = 32°F.

When I solve it, if you want you could use the child thermostat to control your heater

I do not know if this at all is related to other problems concerning sudden temperature drops? It happens randomly with a number of sensors at different locations.

(Aqara temp/hum/press and Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child MC driver)

The drivers are simple transmitters of the temperature values they receive from the devices.

The only thing they do is divide the received value by 100 to convert it into °C with 2 decimal places.

If it is a repetitive value and from one model and manufacturer, it may be a malfunction.

If you want you can check with the cli logs what value the device is sending

Ha!! Yes…I wasn’t thinking! Thanks!! I’ll await the update!!

I was thinking that maybe this driver change/“correction” - which I think you contemplate - may be extended to - 100°C and not 0°C only?

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Hi Mariano!
I’m an italian user and in Italy we use Vimar as Thermostat.
there are a lot of pepole that can’t find a way to use their thermostats, because nobody use Vimar out of Italy.
We ask for your help, please.

A thermostat is a more complex device than a switch or a temperature sensor.

It is not enough to add your fingerprints to an existing driver.

Need to know all its characteristics, modes used, if it is used for heat, cold or both…, it is necessary to know the manual and the cluster and attributes it uses to see if it is possible to add it or have to write a specific subdriver and the most It is important to do debugging tests, viewing logs with the CLI

If you are willing to provide the manual and send logs with the CLI to debug the driver, then I could try doing that

Dear Mariano, thank you.
i don’t know how it works, because i’ve never used it: for use vimar devices in classic way you need a gateway. in my home i haven’t install it, because i work only with smartthings and zigbee protocol.
I don’t know if this can help, anyway this is the link of the product: Termostato rotella connesso IoT2M grigio - 02973

of course i’m willing to share with you the logs, but i have to know how :smile:

really thanks Mariano

Hi @S.F.B @jrichardw

I need the fingerprints of yours devices to make the driver modification

Hi @Sgamo

2 months ago the Vimar 02973 thermostat model was added to the Zigbee Thermostat stock driver.

The fingerprints that were added are model = “WheelThermostat_v1.0” different from yours, which are model = “Thermostat_v1.0”, although your Vimar 02973 model in the manual you published is the same.

I have added your fingerprint to my Zigbee Thermostat Mc controller and try to see if it works

 Name         Zigbee Thermostat Mc
 Version      2023-10-23T11:40:42.842927385        
- id: "Vimar/02973-smart-wheel-thermostat"
    deviceLabel: Vimar Smart Thermostat
    manufacturer: Vimar
    model: WheelThermostat_v1.0
    deviceProfileName: thermostat-fanless-heating-no-fw
  - id: "Vimar/02973-smart-wheel-thermostat-2"
    deviceLabel: Vimar Smart Thermostat
    manufacturer: Vimar
    model: Thermostat_v1.0
    deviceProfileName: thermostat-fanless-heating-no-fw

How do I find that? I looked in the ST app and on the advanced web portal and I cannot find the fingerprint.

In the advance web app the Fingerprints are listed as the Mfg. Code and Model. He needs both.