(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Temp Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc, Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc

Sensor pairing with stock DTH or Custom DTH?

Stock. I haven’t any custom dth anymore installed. I tried to reboot hub, delete cache, but no luck. Just appears as a thing.

I could check CLI logs but it’d have to wait untill tomorrow.


Is the driver installed in you hub Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat Mc or Zigbee Temp Sensor with Thermostat?

Yes, I had wrong driver. Now it works. Thanks.

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@Sakari you can swap drivers back and forth, no problem. Only requirement is to restart the app, to refresh Detail view

(NEW RELEASE) Version 2.0 of Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc:

Improvements and bug fixes:

  1. As the driver runs locally, I have added corrections to prevent the temperature control Timer stopping, if a Reboot HUB occurs and the thermostat is running.
    When the Hub is back online, it will continue to work with the settings it had.
    This could happen unintentionally during a Hub firmware update.
  2. Added in preferences an adjustment for Underfloor Heating installation with the No, Heat (Heat only) and Heat & Cool options.
  3. With this option the temperatures of the change to the Heating and / or Cooling state are corrected, to bring them closer to the set point Heat and Cool. In this way it begins to heat or cool earlier than in other air conditioning systems, to compensate that the underfloor heating system has more thermal inertia and takes longer to heat and cool the floor.

To facilitate the update, I am going to change version 1.0 to the name Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc (OLD).
I will publish the new version 2.0 with the original name Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc.

In this way, your driver installed will have the name with (OLD), indicating that there is a new version available and you can install the new version with a driver change whenever you want.

Devices added to driver:

  - id: "SmartThings-Motion-Sensor"
    deviceLabel: ST Motion Sensor
    manufacturer: Samjin
    model: motion
    deviceProfileName: motion-temp-therm-battery
  - id: "lumi.weather"
    deviceLabel: Aqara Weather
    manufacturer: LUMI
    model: lumi.weather
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-press-therm-battery
  - id: "TUYATEC/RH3052"
    deviceLabel: TUYATEC RH3052
    manufacturer: TUYATEC-prhs1rsd
    model: RH3052
    deviceProfileName: temp-humid-therm-battery
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@Mariano_Colmenarejo :Hello, first i want to thanks you for the driver.
I used it for the past two days for Aqara temp sensor. I have two issues with it:

  1. i set temperature offset “-0.2C” and at random time it display the offset temp instead the real temp.
  2. second issue is that is display the temp with to much decimals, see the attached photo.

Hi @Catalin_S,

Accoding your screenshot, If you can see the events in the IDE it is that your device is using a Groovy DTH. You are not using the Edge Driver.

Look at the details of the device, Memu 3 points, If you don’t have the Driver Option, you are not using it.
If you have it, look to see what driver you are using

Thanks for quick reply.
This is the driver version:


Sorry, Effectively entering IDE, devices, you can see the events.

In the detaills screen of the device do you see same data too?

In IDE, decimals are seen when an offset temperature value has been entered in preferences, but in the app it is rounded by default to 1 decimal.

The device sends a value, that is divided by 100, which gives two decimal places.
The temperature offset value is added to prior value and then rounded to 1 decimal place. This is what is shown in the App.

In DTH groovy the last calcutation was this, I think in edge are similar but in Lua language:

		if (tempOffset) {
			map.value = new BigDecimal((map.value as float) + (tempOffset as float)).setScale(1, BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP)
            log.debug " temperature" + "${value}"
		map.descriptionText = temperatureScale == 'C' ? '{{ device.displayName }} was {{ value }}°C' : '{{ device.displayName }} was {{ value }}°F'

The -0.2º event could occur if the device sent temperature 0º. This could happen during pairing, if the device has not sent temperature, but it is rare.
In fact when installed, the thermostat does not work until the device sends the first temperature event after installation.

The temperature and battery events are sent by the driver’s default libraries.
The thermostat code only sends events to the thermostat and custom capabilities, Fan Current State and Fan Next State Change.

@milandjurovic71 uses this Aqara Weather sensor. I don’t know if he has any of these problems

No problems at all. Only difference is that I am using Fahrenheit units.

Looking at those pictures i think the driver in not working correctly because mine is show 0 % battery and the device name is different (if @milandjurovic71 is using Version 2.0 of Edge Driver Zigbee Temp Sensor and Thermostat Mc)

The date of the latest version is this

Uninstalled and installed again. Same version “2021-11-09” not “2021-11-12” and the Battery is still 0%

My is 2021-11-09

When I installed Aqara driver first time, it took until next day to show battery status

It will appear.
It only has a small change in the calculation for underfloor heating with ° F.

Is the same Aqara weather model that @milandjurovic71?

I can`t get the exact model number but i think is the same model.

Remove the battery, wait a few minutes for the voltage to rise due to the lack of charge and re-install it.
Let’s see if it emits a new value event

@Catalin_S Same model

Good evening
Is it not possible to display the atmospheric pressure in mBar and not in kPascal?
I know that the capabilities.atmosphericPressureMeasurement uses only kPa and integers up to 130 but with this unit of measurement it makes no sense to measure atmospheric pressure

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