(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Switch Mc, Zigbee Switch Power Mc, Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc


Are you this driver versiΓ³n installed?

When driver updated automatically you do not need unistall device, It will must works

If you have CLI then could install new version with smartthings edge:drivers:install

Definitely that one @Mariano_Colmenarejo


How odd!

I would need to see logs with the CLI to see what the device is responding to.

Could you uninstall and reinstall device? Please

Sure @Mariano_Colmenarejo. Happy to do wherever you need for the info. What CLI command do I need to run, and when? Straight after re-adding?

Command smartthings Edge:logcat press enter
Write hub IP and press enter
All drivers installed appears
Write number of the driver you want to see
connected… appears and other devices installed messages Will appear.

Unistall device and reinstall again
After some seconds logs of this device will appears

Tomorrow I will see logs, i am going to sleep

Just running it now. I’ll send you a DM with the log. No rush. Thanks again for your help.

Mariano, I recently bought and installed a Centralite 4200-C metering outlet, and when I installed it it automatically utilized your β€œZigbee Switch Mc” that I had downloaded, however I’m not seeing power and energy data come through. I also have β€œZigbee Power Switch Mc” downloaded, but that doesn’t appear as an option for this device. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.


Hi @maranhao

This device is in the stock and my driver as plug without power and energy since long time ago.

Could you send the clusters info with zigbee Thing Mc driver?

I think you are looking for this information that I stole from a post on this thread from September 17.

id: β€œCentralite Systems/4200-C”
deviceLabel: Centralite Outlet
manufacturer: Centralite Systems
model: 4200-C
deviceProfileName: basic-switch

This is the stock driver fingerprints with basic-swutch profile.

I need full fingerprints, with cluster info to check if power and energy are supported

fingerprint profileId: β€œ0104”, inClusters: β€œ0000, 0003, 0004, 0005, 0006, 0B05”, outClusters: β€œ0003, 0006, 0019”, manufacturer: β€œCentralite Systems”, model: β€œ4200-C”, deviceJoinName: β€œCentralite Smart Outlet”

Hi @maranhao
This device does not support clusters 0702 and/or 0B04 then not support power and energy information
If you bought because they said that measure power and energy is not true.

If you don’t return it and want to use it with the driver’s virtual power and energy meter, then you can enter the value in W of the connected load in preferences and it will calculate the consumption during the time the device is On.
It will not help you to make automations with the real consumption of the device and detect if it is working or not


Hi Mariano

Im not sure this is the relvant post for it.

I am looking for driver for this product:

US $19.00 50%OFF | LELLKI Zigbee Plug Wall Socket EU BR IT JP FR IL 16A Smart Adaptor Power Monitoring Remote Voice Control Alexa Tuya Smart Home

Do you have any driver for it?

manufacturer: _TZ3000_ko6v90pg

model: TS011F


With driver zigbee thing Mc

Added to this driver version

 Name         Zigbee Switch Power Mc
 Version      2022-10-27T15:34:04.954454931        
  - id: "TS011F/_TZ3000_ko6v90pg"
    deviceLabel: TS011F Plug
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_ko6v90pg
    model: TS011F
    deviceProfileName: switch-power-energy-plug
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Wow thanks for your fast support!

appreciate it!

Do you have any driver to this product too?
this is vibration sensor

US $11.52 36%OFF | Tuya Zigbee Vibration Sensor Motion Shock Sensor Detection Alarm Monitor Smart Home Real-Time Alarm Push Status Via Smart Life

manufacturer: _TZ3000_bmfw9ykl
model: TS0210

Added to two drivers version

Please could you try with Zigbee Motion Sensor Test ?

  • Has a preference with sensibility settings: default is 2, According to TUYA documentation, the higher the value, the higher the sensitivity. Normally it has a range between 0 and 3, although it could be higher depending on the device

  • The value of the attribute is sent and read on pairing, which is when the device is awake.

  • If it is changed in preferences it is sent, but since the device will be asleep, it is supposed to queue it up and run it when it wakes up to send any movement or battery messages.

  • When the device responds with the sensitivity value it will appear in the custom capability

  • It’s in testing, see if it works

  • It has signal metrics information capability too

 Name         Zigbee Motion Sensor Test
 Version      2022-10-28T09:43:46.573437062        
 Name         Zigbee Motion Sensor Mc
 Version      2022-10-27T19:29:51.977332475        
  - id: "_TZ3000_bmfw9ykl/Vibration"
    deviceLabel: TS0210 Vibration Sensor
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_bmfw9ykl
    model: TS0210
    deviceProfileName: motion-battery


I just installed the test driver and it’s working well.

Its recognized the a/c engine vibrations


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Are you try to change the sensibility level?


I saw the option but its stay on number 2

I didn’t change it.

If i will change, how can I recognize the differently in sensitive?