(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Switch Mc, Zigbee Switch Power Mc, Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc

Yep, sorry!

Thanks Mariano,

The LIDL TS0101 plug works with this driver.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo, can the virtual mirror be configured as a button? In practice, I would need that once activated it would stay on for 0.5 seconds and then turn off. I searched the settings and found nothing. Thank you

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
I had some issues getting the child switch to be created but then somehow it worked and was discovered by alexa - not sure what i did but ill figure it out again with my others.
Works quickly and well so far
I am confused by one thing - should this now create 2 tile icons in the app or are both switches shown on one tile?

My only issue is when switches are on, switch 2 always shows off

Great work :muscle:t2:

Hi @welshbryn
The created device appears in the unassigned room.
Then you edit it and move it where you want and give it whatever name you want.

The switch-2 of the multi-tile should show the same as the one created.

The multiitile can be changed to a simple one, if you want


Got the other tile yes :+1:t2: cant seem to simplify the main tile to only show device 1 no matter what I change, what am i missing?

Is it possible that the tile be changed to show a ‘socket icon’ instead of a switch?

To change it to single tiles:

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In android, the change of mass between multiple and single works well, there are users who are complaining about this, I don’t know if it has to do with the app version, operating system or its accessories.

The icon to change options depends of the category of the profile, switch has some and smartPlug has others.
It has been requested that the icon be separated from the profile category and all icons be offered, but smartthings do not seem very receptive now

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Shocker!!! They dont seem to be receptive to anything at the moment.

Hmmm. Ive done this with no change

are deleted app cache if android?

Im on IOS.

Edit -

Delete the device and re add. Works a treat. Works with alexa instantly too.
Brilliant work

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HI @Mariano_Colmenarejo, firstly tks for your help, i tested the device offline and it worked perfectly, however, i tryed to create a rotine on alexa but I couldnt find all the three gangs, only the main gang (first one) was available on alexa.

I tryed to create a scene on smart things too, but once again i could not find the three gangs to choose the correct one.
Have you got any idea hor to solve this problem?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @N_Mendes
In Alexa only main switch is seen.

You can switch to Zigbee multi switch and child Mc driver and you can create individual devices for switch 2 and 3

HI @Mariano_Colmenarejo - thanks for these - helped get my TS011F (branded as Ajax Online Zignitio) plug working.
I noticed a couple of things though:

  1. The power usage in the app (and potentially being logged) remains as the last value until a refresh is initiated (by swiping down a few times). So, even after turning off the devices, the power usage remains what it was before.
  2. Some of these devices (certainly the TS011F) seems to have Voltage capability as welll - any chance of including that?

hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo , tks for your reply.

With this driver will it be possible to work virtual paralel off line?

I mean, with the version i am using right now it is possible to make a virtual paralel between devices offline, i will be able to do it in this recomended new version?

I don’t know if I understand your question correctly

created child devices work locally, local routines will run even if the hub is offline, but for routines with alexa, i guess the hub has to be online

hehehe sorry for my pour english skils.

if i understood it right, I have to install a created child driver on my device, and it will work locally even if the hub is off line.

for example. If i create a rotine when i turn off the gang 1 on the device one, the segond device turns the 2th gang off too. It will work even when the hub is offline.

In adition, installing this new drive will let me work diretly with alexa to turn off not only the main gang but alto the 2th and 3th as well, but only when all the sistem (hub and alexa) is online.

Am i right ?

I found a way to get the device’s gand 2 and 3 to work with alexa with this drive i am using, but i belive it is not the ideal way to do that.
I created a scene in smart things to turn off a 2th or 3th gang, and alexa was able to play this scene using voice. I mean, alexa is not ablle to turn off the gang 2 directly, but was able to play a scene that turns off the gang 2 on the device.

i wll try the other triver and see if it works better.

How do i change the driver to the one you told me?

thank you very much for your help.

looking forward to hearing from you,


I think we are not understanding each other.

  • Install the zigbee Multi switch and child Mc driver in your
  • on the device, enter the driver menu, top right, and click on use other driver.
  • select the zigbee Multi switch and child Mc driver and click on use this driver and accept.
  • When it is already installed:
    • In device settings you can create individual devices for Switch 2, 3 and the all switch on-off

  • Those created devices appear in unassigned room.
  • You can rename them as you want and they are a mirror of switch 2 or 3 or all on-off and they will control them.

  • These devices are visible in routines, scenes and third-party applications as a separate device.
  • the multicomponent device is still operative as before for everything.

  • Local routines are executed in the hub and work even if the hub is offline, but the app does not work in this situation.
  • Third-party apps communicate with the hub through the web API, if the hub is offline it doesn’t know anything about what happens outside.

Hi @Andy_Godber

This model is very common and different depending on the manufacturer.
Some have power and energy, others don’t, others work well, others something wrong and others totally wrong.
If it does not refresh the energy, it is because it has not been configured correctly or it does not work correctly and it does not send the periodic reports. You can try re-pairing it from scratch very close to the hub to see if that fixes it.
These cheap devices have these things, you don’t know what type of device you are going to find. I have had one of each type and what I do is that if it does not work as it should and I cannot use it for what I want, I return it and buy another. If I can take advantage of it, even if it doesn’t work quite right, I’ll leave it.

I don’t know if device will measure voltage, it would be necessary to investigate which cluster and attributes it supports.
Smartthing does not have default libraries to handle voltage in zigbee, so I would have to create the handlers for voltage and now I don’t have time to do it, sorry. Maybe when all the hassle of migrating to edge is over, I can do it.