(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Switch Mc, Zigbee Switch Power Mc, Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc

Another one:
Data * zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

  • application: 41
  • endpointId: 01
  • manufacturer: _TYZB01_zsl6z0pw
  • model: TS0003
    Raw Description 01 0104 0100 01 05 0000 0004 0005 0006 0006 02 0019 000A

Can you please help ?

Hi @dotan_shai
Is a three switch device?

Two switch device. don’t know why some systems recognize as three switch device. read also here:

From outside it look exactly as:

  • id: “Lonsonho/_TZ3000_fisb3ajo”
    deviceLabel: Two Switch
    manufacturer: _TZ3000_fisb3ajo
    model: TS0002
    deviceProfileName: two-switch

That tested today and works great with no issues.

Normally model TS0003 is a three switch or plug and TS0002 is a two switch or two plug

Added to this driver version

│ Name        │ Zigbee Multi Switch Mc               │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-13T12:10:20.861277379        │
  - id: "lonsonho/_TYZB01_zsl6z0pw"
    deviceLabel: lonsonho TS0003 Switch
    manufacturer: _TYZB01_zsl6z0pw
    model: TS0003
    deviceProfileName: two-switch
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Is this driver compatible or can be with Nous ZigBee Smart Socket A1Z?

application: 4A
endpointId: 01
firmwareFullVersion: 0000004A
firmwareImageType: 54179
firmwareManufacturerCode: 4417
manufacturer: _TZ3000_ksw8qtmt
model: TS011F
zigbeeNodeType: ROUTER

Sorry, I do not Known

It is working now sorry :slight_smile:

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Hello, please can include this device without driver?

It’s a simple socket, no consumption machine, just on/off

Hi @Raimundo

Added to this driver version

│ Name        │ Zigbee Switch Mc                     │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-27T16:15:42.10689855         │
  - id: "FeiBit/FNB56-SKT1JXN1.0"
    deviceLabel: FeiBit_Plug
    manufacturer: FeiBit
    model: FNB56-SKT1JXN1.0
    deviceProfileName: single-switch-plug
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Unfortunately it didn’t work, samsung’s native DHT continues to enter, no driver…

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Is it possible to re-enable the TRADFRI on/off switch driver?

Hi @Hafo

I removed it because it doesn’t work with my driver, I don’t have the handler done to handle button events with cluster 0006, this is done in the stock beta Zigbee Button driver and it works fine.

If a driver doesn’t add anything different to the stock one, I think it’s better to use the stock driver.

Hi @Raimundo

What version of the driver do you have installed on your Hub?
it must be 2022-08-27T16:15:42.10689855 or newer

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You’re right, I just need to update the driver version.


Can I ask to insert another device?

It would be a simple relay, the one in the image below:


And also add the sonoff mini zigbee device below:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo has a driver for the zbmini.

I believe it would be the “zigbee switch mc” driver, but for some reason it’s not recognizing by driver, it goes straight to the DHT Zigbee Switch… Maybe the fingerprint is different per batch or something.
(I installed the latest version of the Mariano driver and it still didn’t recognize it.)

Hi @Raimundo

Ewelink ans sonoff are in the driver a long time ago

If they don’t pair with the driver, you may have a custom DTH with same name of the stock DTH zigbee switch.
Check it and you should delete it

Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo,
Could you look at this device?
The drive seems to recognize it but the power button does not appear.
Only this screen is shown with this information.

Would it be possible to add it?

CLI-DEBUG: 2022-09-02T15:21:52.191298688+00:00 TRACE Zigbee Thing Mc <ZigbeeDevice: 0c721b - Pastebin.com

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