(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc

hello again, today i had my main UPS go out, which brought down the hub. Once i got power restored, my new Sengled e11 n13a will not reconnect to the hub. it installed with the Zigbee Switch driver. will this device work with one of your drivers?

|Name| on-off-level |
|Mfg Name| SmartThingsCommunity |
|Mfg Code| sengled |
|Model| E11-N13A |



This bulb is in the stock driver, it should pair with it.

It does not exist in my driver, but it should be able to match by generic clusters.

When I have some time I will add the fingerprints

- id: "sengled/E11-N13A"
    deviceLabel: Sengled Light
    manufacturer: sengled
    model: E11-N13A
    deviceProfileName: on-off-level
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gracias parcero. this is my first experience with a zigbee bulb device losing connection and turning on and not reconnecting. i did some reading, and saw that others changed their bulbs, for a bulb that had a driver that would reconnect properly after a hub power outage. i was just wondering if this was possible. thanks, i performed Sengled re-pair procedure, and the bulb reconnected after performing a Scan for Nearby Devices during the bulb reset procedure, it paired and remained the same device in my list. not the most inconvenient issue… but… still an issue. thanks for looking in to this.

No bulb should lose its zigbee network id when the hub is disconnected.

It is not something that the driver controls.

you can disable secure zigbee rejoint mode on the hub, which makes it easier to rejoin devices automatically.

hmm, well, i dont understand how the hub lost the device then. and id rather not disable the security feature.