(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices

@Mariano_Colmenarejo i have installed one Ecosmart bulb without any issues.

I’ll try now re-adding more bulbs, to check if there is any problem.

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Let’s see if when defined in the metadata, the light icon remains after 24 hours or the thing icon appears.

Where can I find the list of available icons? I know I’ve seen her but I can’t find her now :thinking:

@Mariano_Colmenarejo Ok, will monitor. I’ll try to re-add Silvanya/Osram bulbs later.

Happy to report that both bulbs work, without any issues. I was able also to add Automation with Zooz Double Switch running on Edge driver, written by @krlaframboise, and as expected it runs Local.

@nayelyz Only issues with bulbs (or probably ST App), initially they were not reporting change status, if i tried to turn them off or change color temperature and dimm - icon was just spinning. After Shutting down ST and clearing cache, everything works normal.

Good work everyone.


@Mariano_Colmenarejo I have found one issue that is not making bulbs non functional, but device details gets stuck for some time (10-20 seconds). It’s related with Temperature range - bulb capability, that will be different with different models.
Your device allow temperature range from 2000K to 6500K, and Ecismart bulbs are capable of 2700K to 6500K. If move slider below 2700K, it gets stuck for some time. If i hit predefined temperature button for lowest Temperature, in this case some how selects 2450K, it gets stuck for some time. See bellow

This is probably chosen by app, by percentage of driver. If you can somehow query Temperature capabilities of light bulbs or have settings that will alow to set range, that would solve this issue.
Bulbs always go to minimum range, hiwever thise preset buttons are not all useful.

This one is from Groovy dth

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@nayelyz In Automations color temperature range is out of mind, technically correct, but not realistic, from 1K to 30,000K. This is maybe ST problem

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This driver is made with the default libraries according to the capabilities supported by the device.
It does not take into account the operating values of each manufacturer.
If the device is outside the default values, the driver must be customized for that manufacturer, as is done for DTHs.

Sorry, I do not feel qualified to do that now.

Surely when smartthings converts stock DTHs to edge drive it will work fine.

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It works fine, just some users might have little trouble

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This is good so that the problems that exist with the different manufacturers are known

I have modified the egge Driver Zigbee Level Color Temperature Bulb to add progressive "ON and / or OFF in preferences.
Is similar to what Tplink has for its bulbs.
It allows to use the function similar to the gentle wake up app but executed locally.
I have tested it with the Osram Classic bulb. When I have tested it with the Lidl bulb too, I will publish it on the channel.

The preferences are ordered as the app wants, until they fix it

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I don’t have Preferences (settings) for my bulb

Do I need to uninstall driver and install again?

Hello there,

This version is not published on the shared channel. It is in debugging, when it is ready I will publish it on the channel, I do not know if I will have time today, I am a bit busy.

I don’t know whether to publish it as a different driver, another name, you would have to install it in the hub and then install it with the App as a driver change for another in the bulbs you want, similar to how a DTH is changed in the IDE, but in the app, device setings → Driver → Select other driver.

If I publish it as a new version of the previous driver, it will be installed automatically in the bulbs that you already have with the driver.

When I publish it I will post a post to confirm.

If someone wants me to add another model of light intensity and / or temperature dimmable zigbee bulb that they want to test, I can add it if you send me the model and manufacturer that appears in IDE.

New Version for Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb driver finished. I am ending testing it, and will publish it tomorrow if everything goes well:

Bear in mind that the update of the versions is slow, up to 12 hours. As @TAustin said, you may see the new version in your App preferences and it is not yet updated and operational

Added in Settings Preferences::
(Until smartthings fix it, they are shown in random order)

- Preferences to activate and adjust progressive ON and OFF with these functions:

  • Activation and deactivation of the functions progressive Turn-on and Turn-off:

    • Time to reach the final level for On & Off: from 30 sec to 45 min
    • Start level for Turn-On: Between 1% and 100%
    • Final level for Turn-On: Between 1% and 100% (If final level is <than Initial level then it dims in decrease)
    • Start level Turn-Off: Take the current level when switch is pressed
    • Final level for Turn.Off: 0 (No adjustable)
  • Action to take when the switch is pressed during dimmer:

    • Go to End level: Go to “End Level selectected” or 0 for turn Off
    • Stop dimming: Stop dimming in current level
    • Off: Go to “Off state” and last level is saved.
      This option is the best to use with automations and scenes. If device receive one ON then turn on begins. If receive one OFF then turn OFF without dimming

I will notify here when I publish it on the shared channel

There are many combinations to test, if you see any problem, tell me.

Update 1:

  • Sorry, the new version is going to be delayed, in the last tests with several bulbs in the same driver it does not work well.
  • Updating of changes in preference settings is not always communicated immediately and other times it works well, as it happens to others who are using this settings function, such as virtual device creator @TAustin
  • I will make a version just to include the models asked for @Jake_Mohl and Version info in preferences

This driver must be the most complex so far that I’ve seen. Great job! :muscle: Hopefully one day this will work with Ikea lights too.


Published in shared Channel versión 1.1 of zigbee Level Color Temperature Bulb Driver

Version 2.0 of the edge Driver Zigbee Level Color Temperature Bulb is now finished.

  • I have tested it with 3 bulbs (1 ea switch & level and 2 ea level & color temperature) working at the same time in ON-OFF dimming mode and it already works fine.
  • The control so that the lifeCycle infoChanged, which seems to be sent by default in the edge drivers every 1 hour, does not stop the dimming cycle in progress. They only stop if a change is made to the preferences and the dimming is in progress.
  • I remember that version 2.0 preferences may appear in the app and the edge driver may not yet be updated to the new version.
  • As it has many possible combinations of ON and OFF, if you see any problem, also send me a screenshot of the preferences settings at that moment so that I can reproduce it. There are times when it seems that it is doing something wrong and that is what we have configured.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo I can report that everything works as intended on Ecosmart bulb.
This seems that can be "Gentle wake up” replacement. I’ll have to test it with automation.
I’ll do testing with Osram bulbs later.
Only issue that is still happening is one that i have previously reported - temperature range, and i know that you are looking into subdrivers.
Good work.
Just tested with automation, and it works. Bulb goes On and starts at 1% and finished at 50%, as i have created settings.

This settings give me following results:
1st click on ON dimmer starts at 5% and ends at 50%
2nd click on ON button anytime (time to get to 50% is set to 5 minutes) before dimmer riches set maximum level of 50% it goes instantly to 50%, for example dimming is going up and it’s at 22% second click on ON brings light to 50%.
When the light is at maximum setting, and i want to turn it off, pressing OFF button blinks for a second and reports status of OFF, than display button as ON but it keep dimming down to 0% (for 1 minute) until it turns Light OFF, and changes status to OFF.
Seccond click during dimming Down will instantly turn Light OFF.
Double click does not work, it needs about 1 second in between 1st and 2nd click.

I would only change order of settings when that becomes available, and maybe verbage on that last option ”If switch pushed Running GoTo" to your own explanation

It is self explanatory.

Next, I’ll try to use this on my automations for my Porch lights, that go to 100% when there is a motion, and go back to 50% when there is no motion, but hopefully this time it will go gradually down.

This sequence semms runs correctly:
Current state = OFF → click switch → start diiming from 5% to% 0% > click switch during dimmin → go to 50% and dimming stoppped.
Current status ON max dimming → click switch → start dimming to 0% in 1 min → click switch → go to 0% and dimming stopped.

Actions Go To: End, Off, Stop only take efffect when dimming current status is “running”
If current status of dimming process is “stopped” then diimming process starts in the direction of the received command turn “On” or "Turn Off ".

For better operation with automations, another option Go To : “Change” could be added, which stops the process in progress and starts the opposite dimming from the current level:

Current status 30% dimming to 50% → clich switch → start diiming from 30% to 0% in programmed off time

Current status 30% dimming to 0% → clich switch → start diiming from 30% to 50% in programmed On time