(EDGE Driver-Mc): Zigbee Drivers for Motion, Open/Close, Moisture, Smoke-Co Sensors and others Devices

They are not paired because they are not in the fingerprints file.
Only the ones that are listed in the firdt post of the thread work.

Are they dimmable and color temperature fixed?
This is important to add them to the correct profile

yes are dimmable and color temperature fixed

Added to Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb Mc driver

Tell me if they work well to update the list

  - id: "OSRAM/Classic B40 TW"
    deviceLabel: OSRAM Classic B40 TW
    manufacturer: OSRAM
    model: Classic B40 TW - LIGHTIFY
    deviceProfileName: switch-level
  - id: "LEDVANCE/A60 TW"
    deviceLabel: LEDVANCE
    manufacturer: LEDVANCE A60 TW
    model: A60 TW Value II
    deviceProfileName: switch-level

j paired OSRAM / Classic B40 TW to this Edge-Drivers-Beta/zigbee-level-colortemperature-bulb-v3.8 at main · Mariano-Github/Edge-Drivers-Beta · GitHub and it works very well and this LEDVANCE with Edge-Drivers-Beta/zigbee-level-colortemperature-light at main · Mariano-Github/Edge-Drivers-Beta · GitHub this works fine

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Did you use the CLI to install them or from the channel?

(New RELEASE) New Edge Drive Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc:

  • This Driver has all the functions of the Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb Mc driver, which it replaces and will not be updated any more.

  • Added Color Control Capability with profiles for RGB and RGBW with 2700k-6500k Color temperature.

Thanks to the suggestion and collaboration to do the tests for @milandjurovic71

Works with lights, led strips with profiles:

  • Switch & Level
  • Switch, Level & ColorTemperature
  • Switch, Level, RGB, RGBW, RGBCCT, CCT

Could work with zigbee single dimmers, but not tested


To install it from the previous Zigbee Level ColorTemp Bulb Mc:

  • Download the driver in the Hub from the channel
  • From the HUB details page in the “Driver” menu, make a driver change.
  • Choose the Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc and everything will work without having to redo automations and adjustments.

To install it from dth:

  • (OPTIONAL): In the automations where this device is, place a virtual device so that they are not deleted.
  • Uninstall the device from the app
  • Download the driver in the HUB from the channel
  • Add device to pair with the driver.
  • The first time it will not work, due to a missing error with the custom Capabilities.
  • Do not uninstall the device.
  • Restart the HUB from IDE or by turning off the power and removing the battery in HUB v2.
  • Close app and clear cache memory on the mobile.
  • When the Hub is already online, open the app and the device and it should work fine.




Switch, Level & ColorTemperature

Switch & Level

Tested you new “New Edge Drive Zigbee Light Multifunction Mc” driver with 3 different bulb types:

  1. EcoSmart, dimmable, color temperature adjustable bulb - works good.

  2. Sengled, dimmable, warm white bulb - works good.

  3. Cree, dimmable, cool white bulb - as expected it does not work well. Can’t turn on, off, or dim without refreshing the detail page.

My next bulb to try when I get some free time will be a Sylvania (LEDVANCE,), dimmable, RGBW bulb.

Again thanks for all your work on these drivers.

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That’s correct Sorry I did say exclude it from double switch on in a later post my apologies

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Do you want I add the simple dimmer to this driver as switch-level?

Yes mate that’s a wall switch with on off and two switches for dimmer up and dimmer down! @Mariano_Colmenarejo image|281x500

J install it Fromi CLI

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You already have it in the zigbee Light Multifunction Mc driver.
See if it works.
Remember that the first time you pair it, it will not work.
Without uninstalling it, restart the Hub from the IDE and clear the app cache on the mobile.

  - id: "FeiBit/ZSC05HG1.0"
    deviceLabel: FeiBit Dimmer
    manufacturer: Feibit Inc co.
    model: FB56+ZSC05HG1.0
    deviceProfileName: switch-level
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It appears with the latest Android app update (or some other unrelated event) that ST has fixed some of the problem with multi-gang Edge switches.

Now in automations you can individual control gangs 2 and 3. You pick the main switch, deselect switch 1 and select what you want switches 2 or 3 to do.

You still can not select switches 2 and 3 in Alexa, but can use virtual switches to make the Alexa connection.

I was using a Zemismart 3 gang wall switch for this testing.

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No one has asked for it.

It would be necessary to know which dth uses each device, especially those that use batteries.
The default libraries use the standard calculation of the battery percentage remaining.
If you use the calculation by vvoltage, have to make a subdriver or that fits in one of another manufacturer that is already made.

You also need the manufacturer and model that the IDE shows.

(NEW RELEASE) New version 3.0 of Zigbee Switch Mc

What’s new in the update:

  • Added in preferences local time offset to calculate the time of state changes with the Random ON-OFF function.

  • Added in Preferences options to change the Icon of the device:

When the profile is changed, it is necessary to close the app and reopen it. It may be necessary to clear the cache memory of the mobile.

For an easier installation of the new version and to perform it when each user wants to do it, I will change the way of introducing the new versions that have new preferences or new capabilities:

1- The Driver version to be replaced will be renamed adding “- (OLD)” at the end of the name.
2- The new version will take the original name
3- Install the new version of the driver on your Hub
4- Make a driver change from the Driver menu of the HUB detaills in the App
5- When the driver change is done, close the app and clear the cache memory of the mobile
6- With this, the new version is installed, whenever you want and you will not lose any settings and the new functions will be available.
7- After a few days I will delete the old version of the channel. This does not affect any user who has it installed on his Hub, which will continue to work until he deletes it personally.

New versions that do not require any user handler, will continue to be carried out automatically.



For the switch and power measurement I have no driver and device with which to test it.
I can make one with the default libraries to see if it works.

For the contact sensor and the motion sensor, I can add them to the stock beta drivers to see if they work.
Do both have temperature capability?

Is the Sengled RGBW E11-N1EA compatible with any of these drivers?

Is zigbee 3.0 or zll?
Need the model and manufacturer from IDE

ZHA v1.2


I will add to zigbee light multifunction Mc

Remember that the first time it is paired it will not work.

  • Without uninstalling the bulb, do a HUB reboot from IDE
  • Close the app and if it is android, clear the cache memory
  • When the Hub is online, open the app and device and it should work fine.

If it works well tell me to add it to the list

  - id: "sengled/E11-N1EA"
    deviceLabel: sengled E11-N1EA
    manufacturer: sengled
    model: E11-N1EA
    deviceProfileName: rgbw-level-colortemp-2700-6500