(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc

Thanks @Mariano_Colmenarejo for your amazingly fast response!
Any « buy me a coffee » link somewhere? I believe some compensation for your hard work would be well deserved.

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Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo , only just got my head around this driver, using it on a Aeotec 6 and 3, using create virtual thermostat works perfect

If ever there was a way to loose all the thermostat options that would be the icing on the cake, i simply wanted to see temp on the virtual thermostat device tile and when virtual device tile opened

It is more for aesthetics than anything else as i dont need or use the thermostat stuff

Like lots and lots of other people wanting user configurable tiles your version is most appreciated

Hi @fido

I understand the needs of each one, but it is not easy to do it in smartthings.

It requires duplicating the profile used by that device, create a custom device presentation VID, adding a preference to each for changing the profile, and adding the code to handle that profile change.

This stock z-wave sensor driver has 37 profiles, mine already has more than 50 profiles

I will study creating a virtual device that shows all the temperatures of the paired devices in the driver and shows them in a capability with html text.

But it would not be in the tile
The mosaic would show the temperature of the device in which the virtual child is created with the temperatures of all devices.

An interesting concept Mariano, of course if ST allowed user configurable tiles and tile sizes natively (available in original Smartthings) that would eliminate all the pain but until then you and the other talented developers are all we have to make better use of the app

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Hi, @Mariano_Colmenarejo

About the issue reported here: (New Release) Edge Driver Z-Wave Sensor and Child Thermostat Mc [BETA] - #47 by Mariano_Colmenarejo

The team mentioned they released an update on February 1st for it, so, in case someone would like to use the SmartThings driver to help us check it works now, the feedback is always welcome.

CC @BartschLabs

Thank you!

Hi @nayelyz

What I see that they have corrected in the github code of January 31 is: reworked wakeup handler (#522).

They have nothing to do with the report I did.
The report was about the init.lua code of the aeotec-multisensor subdriver, can_handle function:

Compares with manufacturerId, productType and productId and the fingerprints table only has values for manufacturerId and productId and therefore returns false

  { manufacturerId = 0x0086, productId = 0x0064 }, -- MultiSensor 6
  { manufacturerId = 0x0371, productId = 0x0018 }, -- MultiSensor 7

local function can_handle_aeotec_multisensor(opts, self, device, ...)
  for _, fingerprint in ipairs(AEOTEC_MULTISENSOR_FINGERPRINTS) do
    if device:id_match(fingerprint.manufacturerId, fingerprint.productType, fingerprint.productId) then
      return true
  return false

The function in this module init.lua, notification_report_handler(), to emit PowerSource, TamperAlert… does not work.

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Yes, right after my comment I also saw that and commented on the report to know why they didn’t modify that.
There are other subdrivers for each model there but I think they need to match with the can_handle function in the main init.lua file first.


Hi @Mariano_Colmenarejo
I am having issues with the nortec gocontrol door sensors. I tried using your z-wave sensor drivers but the sensor just works once and stays open. it won’t respond anymore.
is there something else to try?

Thanks @nayelyz, I’ll be happy to test it once the issue with the report gets cleared up.

Hi @dav55
I answered you in this thread

So, the team mentioned that the condition in src/aeotec-multisensor/init.lua shouldn’t cause any issues.
When fields are nullable in id_match for z-wave devices, it will be interpreted as true, and, this is the case of the property fingerprint.productType.

Thanks, @BartschLabs. So, this means the device should connect correctly now, can you help us check, please?

Hi @nayelyz

is this new too?
It was not like this in the past.
I have also seen that in some definitions for Id_match they have put a nil value, does this mean that any value is valid?

As this example in Zwave Sensor driver configurations.lua

      mfrs = 0x010F,
      product_types = {0x0000,0x0B00},
      product_ids = nil

Hi, @Mariano_Colmenarejo.
Sorry for the delay. The team mentioned the following:

It changed a while ago, in September 2021.

It works the same as in the can_handle function. Those matching matrices get passed to the match function. The map just defines product_ids so that there’s no null pointer exception when we generically pass that value to match via x.product_ids

Hi @nayelyz

I guess, I was looking at the libraries up to 43 and I didn’t see any changes, but the powerSource information didn’t work for @BartschLabs until I modified the can_handle, id_match to only check manufacturerId and productId.

I’m having trouble setting my Fibaro motion sensor cancellation delay to anything less than 30 seconds (which is the default value).
It doesn’t matter if I’m using your driver or the official smartthings driver, any motion detected will alarm - motion detected for 30 seconds regardless of the setting which was set to 1 second.
According to the manual in Fibaro’s website this setting can be set to a minimal value of 1 second but as stated it doesn’t seems like the value in the setting has any influence at all (infact for testing I set it to 35 seconds and the delay in the hub was still 30 seconds).
Is there anything you can do from you end regards to setting not being applied correctly in the hub?

Hi @GalK

Do you wake up the device when the configuration changes, as the manual says?

Wake Up

Waking up the Motion Sensor:

FIBARO Motion Sensor needs to be woken up to receive information about the new configuration from the controller, like parameters and associations.

To wake up the sensor manually triple click the B-button located inside the housing.

If after this it does not work well and since it is a stock driver you should report it to smartthings so that they can solve it. It is useless that I could solve it in my driver, which in this case is the same as the stock

I have a Monoprice (I believe) door sensor that Im needing a edge driver for. Currently it works and triggers using your Z-Wave sensor and child thermostat mc driver. However it has a bunch of extra items that aren’t needing and it will disconnect after no activity for awhile. If door is opened it triggers and comes back to life. Here is what I pulled from thing mc driver

Hi @groundzero2010

If it disconnects, it means that it does not report correctly to the hub with wakeUp or the commands are lost and do not reach the hub correctly due to problems with your zwave network.

If there are features in the driver that you don’t need, just don’t use them.

The concept with Edge drivers has changed compared to DTH. Before there was almost a DTH for one or a few devices.
Now All drivers, including stock ones, have hundreds of devices and functions that you or other users do not have or use and nobody is going to remove them because it is impossible to keep so many different drivers updated.

Another option is to download the driver code from the smartthings github, add your fingerprints, delete everything that doesn’t interest you and create your own driver

It doesn’t bother me much that there were extra items there that weren’t showing info. Mainly the disconnecting made me think that something needed to be added to the driver. Thanks for the info. This is the only sensor like this that I have. I’ll check Z-wave status and repair if needed. If not, I’ll just replace with a known working sensor. Thanks for all your help and expertise!

What information is not displayed?, it may be assigned to an incorrect profile