(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:


Hi @John_M3

This is the link to my channel to install driver

 Name         Fibaro Smart Implant BETA-2
 Version      2023-02-11T13:05:01.628883766        

When driver is installed in your hub put your device in inclusion Mode
In app add new device with search nearby option

Hi @Fred79

This device is added with a generic profile without preference settings in both the stock driver and mine.
For these cases, parameters can be configured by installing the Z-Wave Device Config Mc driver.
Change to that driver, configure the required parameters and then return to the original driver.


Hello @Mariano_Colmenarejo , thank you for your work on this siren! I have a wink siren which is a rebranded Zipato Siren with the 10 sounds, would you be so kind as to add the fingerprint to your driver so i can use your driver? Right now I can only use it as a switch. Thank you so much!

manufacturerId: 0x017F
productType: 0x0200
productId: 0x0001

Added ti this driver version as one Zipato siren.
If it is not identical to this model, I don’t know if it will work well

- id: 0131/0003/1083
    deviceLabel: Zipato Siren
    manufacturerId: 0x0131
    productType: 0x0003
    productId: 0x1083
    deviceProfileName: zipato-alarm-battery # Modified by M. Colmenarejo
 Name         Z-Wave Siren Mc
 Version      2023-02-12T22:15:26.79257076
- id: 017F/0200/0001
    deviceLabel: Renamed Zipato Siren
    manufacturerId: 0x017F
    productType: 0x0200
    productId: 0x001
    deviceProfileName: zipato-alarm-battery # Modified by M. Colmenarejo

For the moment i didnt manage to connect the external sensors. I think until now it is not working with the external sensort . Hopefully sombeody will also implent this as also i have 2 smart implants for the temperature sensors and at the moment i cant use them. :frowning:

Hi @The_Black

You can try with this driver for smart implat with one external temperature provee

I’ve been trying this out since the switchover from ovidiu.pruteanu’s device handler. I also have two DS18B20 sensors wired up. It kind of looks like the internal temperature field is showing both the internal device temperature as well as one of the two sensor temperatures and alternating between them. The external temperature field is continuously showing the other sensor’s input.

I greatly appreciate your support for the Smart Implant.

Hi @JBurg

Is this correct like this?

I can add a profile for 2 probes, I guess the second probe will send the temperature to endpoint 9.

That would be great to have two separate displays for both temperatures, so automations can be executed on each temperature independently.


I’ll do it tomorrow and I’ll let you know so you can try it.

Thanks very much… have a good night!

From Fibaro Smart Implant manual:

Endpoint 8-13 (when DS18S20 sensors connected)
Generic Device 
Specific Device 
TION [0x8E]
Description Temperature – external sensor DS18B20 No 1-6

The manual is available here Smart Implant | FIBARO Manuals

Hi @JBurg @sflamm

Try with this diver BETA-2

  • Added profile to 2 external temperature probes
  • Added preference to select 1 or 2 probes profile
  • You can create child virtual thermostat for probe 1 a nd probe 2 as option.
  • In tile internal temp will show for profile 2 probes

Install this driver version
Perform a driver change to this driver and wait one minute to install new driver
Close device and perform app delete cache memory to see new profile
In device settings preferences select 2 external temperature probes

This driver works for 1 or 2 extenal temperature probes

 Name         Fibaro Smart Implant BETA-2
 Package Key  zwave-fibaro-smart-implant-2

Thank @TapioX
I already had it, it would have been impossible to do it without a manual :+1:


I updated the driver with the method you explained and also changed the settings to show two external temperature sensors. However, the display appears to show no different that the original Beta driver. Not sure what else to do.

Are you delete the App cache if you use android?

If you use IOs, I think closing app, I do not sue

I am using IOS, but I switched the driver and then offloaded the Smartthings app just to delete any temporary files. Restarted app, phone, etc. No luck.

I don’t know what IOs users do so that the new profile is shown when the profile is changed in preferences.

You can try to reinstall the driver with the CLI to see if it takes the correct profile now that it has the option of 2 probes in the preference

I got it working. It was my fault. I forgot to enable the virtual thermostat. Thanks again for your time and patience. It’s muchh appreciated.

It seems that when I add a routine, the temperature range that I can select must be between -4 to 122 deg F. Since this is for a home boiler application, temperatures will regularly exceed this limitation. Is there a way to fix this, or is it a Smartthings issue?