(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:

This is the z-wave things msg

this is things I modified in the Smartthings Edge Driver Code… then it let me able to control the colour…

Hi @Steven_Lim

The problem is not the version, that code that you have modified is for the rgbw 441 and you use a 442, which does not use that code, you use a different specific subdriver.

As I told you, I suspected that it was because its product.id is 3000 (AU) and it is not included in the subdriver. There are only 1000 (EU) and 2000 (US)
I modified it partially, then I will modify the rest, for preferences and settings and post it, now I can’t.

Hi @Steven_Lim

Added RGBW 442, product.ID 0x3000 to driver, subdriver and preferences

 Name         Z-Wave Bulb Mc
 Version      2022-12-30T11:19:54.251966607        

Thank you Mariano!!!


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@Mariano_Colmenarejo. Thank you so much for all your hard work keeping our Fibaro devices functioning.

Was just reading your conversation with @Steven_Lim and have a similar challenge - I’m also AU/NZ x3000 and running some 441 models.

Dimmer function working and power reporting but no colour controls.

Is this something that can be enabled or did I do something. Happy to contribute if there is somewhere I can donate :blush:

Kind regards, Paul in New Zealand

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Hi @PaulNZ

Fixed in this driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Bulb Mc
 Version      2023-01-06T10:23:09.167214941        

@Mariano_Colmenarejo. Tested, working 100%. Even the programmed sequences, which I wasn’t expecting. Wonderful, thank you so much.

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New version 7 of the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver.


  • To adapt the driver to the HUB firmware libraries, the LAN type Child devices are replaced by the EDGE_CHILD type.
  • Everything will work the same way as old version.
  • This improve the operation performance and facilitates future updates since it uses the resources of the default libraries of the Hub.
  • This update will be done manually so that each user can do it when they see fit, since the LAN-type child devices will have to be deleted and recreated as CHIL_EDGE type. There is no rush, do it when you can, everything will continue to work
  • HUB smart Wifi users, who have libraries lower than 45.x should not change to this new driver since their HUB firmware libraries do not support CHILD_EDGE devices. They must wait for their hub to be updated.


  • Wait for your current installed version to be Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc-(OLD)
  • Install the new version of the driver Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
  • The routines of the real devices are not lost nor do they have to be modified.
  • Procedure to facilitate the modification of child device routines:
    • Without deleting the child Devices, change the driver from the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc-(OLD) to the new VERSION Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc.
    • The child devices created will stop working and will keep all the routines. You can rename them to easily identify them.
    • With the new driver: Create the new Child devices you need.
    • Enter to the old Child devices menu Routines: Edit every routine and add the new child device and delete the old one.
    • Save the edited routine, which will go to the list of the new child device.
    • Once all the routines have been modified, delete the old child devices.
  • The version of the old driver will be renamed Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc-(OLD) and the new one Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Driver Id    17c05c19-f008-42e2-aa12-f12f1aae5612
 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Package Key  zwave-switch-v7
 Version      2023-01-10T12:06:01.795467437
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Hi I have a Fibaro Wall Plug FGWPG-121v4.2 I have insulated the edge driver Z_Wave Switch and Child on my smart hub. Even though switch operates no power information or child entities produced. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi @Duff-Box1

What fingerprints does the plug? I need to know what to look for
Does it work with the stock Z-Wave Switch controller?

Hi thanks, not sure where to find the fingerprint but possibly it’s this ?
It didn’t seem to show power used with standard driver.

You can install Z-Wave Thing Mc driver and perform a driver change, to see the device fingerprints, endpoint and command classs supported

Thanks ok here it is but it’s a bit over my head! Really appreciate your help!


Hi @Duff-Box1
This device is not added to the stock Z-Wave Switch driver and neither is mine.

The stock driver contemplates the 0x1401 model and fibaro has not done anything to update the 1501 model either to DTH or much less to EDGE.

Did it work with the DTH fibaro-wall-plug-us-zw5.src?
Worked well?

If you have bought it now, I would return it and buy a device from a manufacturer that is committed to the users of smartthings, inovelli, zooz, aeotec, jasco…

It’s nothing personal, but I don’t know if I want to do Fibaro’s job, since they don’t do anything at all for their smartthings users. I’ll think about it

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I’m new to Edge drivers; When I needed DTHs I could fairly easily find someone’s code and add what I needed.

Mariano → Do you share your code somewhere? I need to create a dual relay driver for Philio PAN04, which I have four of… would be wonderful if I could take a peek at your work to accelerate this device.

UPDATE: looks like this is you? GitHub - Mariano-Github/SmartThingsEdgeDrivers

Many thanks, for your help, I just assumed it would work, having used smart implants and smart things hub without issues in the past although with DH’s rather than edge.
I don’t think you can load new DH any more. Sounds like I need a different product as you say. Cheers


Hi @MRedRaider

I haven’t published the zwave drivers on github yet. I don’t know when I will.

There are already several developers in the community who do not share their driver codes and are trying to make their work profitable, which is totally logical, understandable and legal. They are many hours of dedication.
Therefore at the moment I am not going to share mine Zwave.

I already shared the zigbees from the beginning when we all needed examples and there was almost nothing done.
I have no intention of making them profitable, but I also do not want to work for others to make a profit.

I’ll help anyone who needs it to make their own drivers and keep mine updated as much as I can.

Mi drivers are the same as the stock drivers, I just added new device fingerprints. All that is in my drivers is what is in the stock drivers and in the lua firmware libraries, which are also public.

I did the same thing you want to do.

  • Take the stock driver template.
  • See which devices are similar to the one I want to add and choose that profile or create a copy
  • Look at module configurations.lua and preferences.lua to see how configuration parameters are added to devices. In case I need or want to add preferences and startup configuration.
  • Look in the subdrivers in case there are any that you need to use and also add the fingerprints of the device or it may not need any subdriver and it works only with the default handlers, this is the most normal.

It’s nothing personal, there’s really nothing in my drivers that isn’t in the stock drivers and public lua libraries.

If you have any questions, tell me here, and it will be valid for other users who also need it or I’m sure that @nayelyz or @andresg will help you as they help us all with our doubts and errors.


Mariano, quick question, is it possible to expose the colour attributes to Amazon echo ? In my case it would be the Fibaro RGBWW 441 Uk

Echo sees the device but colour attributes are not available