(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:

Well, the only thing that occurs to me is that you assign the profile of 2 components to the 2 devices.
In preferences, you create a preference to change the profile so that you can assign a simple socket profile to the component you want.

You can look at the preferences and the icon change code in the zigbee switch Mc

- name: "changeProfile"
    title: "Select Profile Icon"
    description: "Select Profile Icon:"
    required: false
    preferenceType: enumeration
        "Switch" : "Switch"
        "Plug": "Plug"
        "Light": "Light"
        "Vent": "Vent"
        "Camera": "Camera"
        "Humidifier": "Humidifier"
        "Oven" : "Oven"
        "Tv": "Tv"
        "Air": "Air"
        "Refrigerator": "Refrigerator"
        "Washer": "Washer"
      default: "Light"
------ Change profile & Icon
      if id == "changeProfile" then
       if newParameterValue[device] == "Switch" then
        device:try_update_metadata({profile = "single-switch"})
       elseif newParameterValue[device] == "Plug" then
        device:try_update_metadata({profile = "single-switch-plug"})

Ok j try it. Thankyou.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo i have lost control of my Fibaro RGBW controler using your driver, all available on off buttons when tapped result in a pop up that says network or server error, has there been some ST changes that have changed how the driver works ?

Main ‘on’ works but when tapped to switch ‘off’ i get network server error

Likewise if ‘off’ i get same pop up error, after a few attempts it occasionally sends the off or on command to the device

Hi @fido

The driver has not been modified since May 29. If something has changed, it must have been the app or something in the hub.

Let’s see if other users have noticed something too

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All my Fibaro Dimmer 2 stopped working a while ago with this driver. I also added a new Fibaro Dimmer 2, all the tiles just showed the cloud symbol. Did not have time to troubleshoot, so I uninstalled the driver.

Hi @cscheiene

I don’t have any fibaro dimmer 2 device to test this.

Please, has any other user had problems with the fibaro dimmer 2, paired with the ZWave Switch Mc driver?

@nayelyz Are there any plans to add the FIBARO fgk-101 to edge driver list? Or has it already been added somewhere and I’m not seeing it? I currently use The stock “Z-Wave Door/Temp Sensor” driver.

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I have had no issues with my Dimmer Single using Z-Wave Switch Mc driver, I also have a Switch 2 that is trouble free,

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Hi @Cokecan72,

I have made a Z-Wave Switch Test driver for you to test the implementation of parameter 19-Forced switch on brightness level.

  • This parameter only acts on the commands generated by pressing the power on the physical switch of dimmer2.
    With the switch of the app or automations you will go to the last known level.
  • You will not find parameter 19 in preference settings. I have created a Custom Capability, which will be shown after the energy Meter and It will show the parameter 19 values ​​and can be entered new values:
    • 0 = disabled
    • 1 to 99 = Forced level % value on next power up from switch S1
  • With automations you can do:
    • Send the value of the parameter between 1 and 99 to activate a level at the start time of the Night period
    • Send the value 0 at the time the night period ends.

You can install this driver on your Hub and perform a driver change on the dimmer you want to test.

It is possible that for the custom Capability “Forced switch on brightness level” to appear you have to close the app and clear the cache of the app if you use android.

I don’t think it’s necessary to reboot the hub.

Test Driver version:

│ Name        │ Z-Wave Switch Test                   │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-08T21:07:10.290163712        │

When you try it tell me how it works, please

Is that device connected to a stock driver? It is helpful to know the current device situation, for example:

  1. If your device was connected automatically with a DTH, but it’s fingerprint isn’t included, it means it was connected thanks to the generic fingerprint.
  2. Your device was connected as a Thing but you selected a specific DTH for it through the IDE, it means your device wasn’t officially supported.

In this post, there’s further info about the migration of the devices depending on their situation:

I think this is the device, right? I haven’t found that fingerprint in the Driver nor the DTHs…

yes that is the device. i originally used a custom dh but then switched to a stock dh that would show running local.

Thank you for sharing your drivers @Mariano_Colmenarejo.

I’m unable to enrol my second hub to your driver. I have not had an issue enrolling both my hubs for other edge drivers. Is that perhaps a limitation on your side, or could it be an issue on the Smartthings side?

Thank you

Hi @949BFN

It’s not a problem with my channel, it could be a problem with your account.

@orangebucket may be able to help you identify the problem. I think something similar happened to one of his hubs.

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My current situation is that I have a Location owned by an admin account and two hubs also installed by that account.

When using the CLI I can do a lot of Edge stuff using my personal account but it can’t see my hubs. I have to switch to the admin account to deal with the hubs. Similarly in the apps only the admin account sees the ‘Driver’ option. Curiously when using invitation links etc my personal account can see my hubs. I can’t remember if it can successfully do stuff beyond that.

When I first set this up (it was a fresh install to get my Location onto the EU shard) I had weird inconsistencies between the hubs and what could be seen and done with both accounts with regard to Edge. I’d have to revisit my own posts to remember what.

While trying to get the confusion resolved, I was asked which account had installed the hubs as if that made a difference. I wasn’t aware that hubs could have an owner other than the Location, and if they can I have no idea how you find out who it is.

I don’t recall ever doing anything to fix things. They just started behaving consistently. Which is annoying and no help whatsoever.


Thank you @Mariano_Colmenarejo. It appears to have been an issue with the Smartthings platform.


Mariano, is this thread only for Fibaro devices ?
I have a few Greenwave power sense plugs that are zwave, just wandering where to request inclusion into a driver

Hi Mariano
I have two of the Aeotec 3 phase smart meters, but I’m not sure if they are the Gen 5 versions.
The device ID reported in the IDE is :
zw:L type:3101 mfr:0086 prod:0002 model:001C ver:1.08 zwv:3.67 lib:03 cc:70,32,60,85,72,86 epc:3 ep:[‘3101 32’]
Would your driver work with these? If so, would you mind making the drivers available? (I’m not sure how that works with Edge drivers - I suppose you have to invite me to your driver channel?)
Thank you in the meantime.

Hi @fido

It might be better to put it in the request thread for more people to see.

I will comment this, not for you, for everyone who reads it:

Adding zwave devices to drivers can be more complicated than zigbee.

Zigbee almost all standard devices speak the same language and for the same clusters.

Z-waves, depending on the manufacturer, can send the same information through different command classes and have to use subdrivers, although the defaults usually handle all the posdibilities.

There is also the problem of configuration parameters, which do not exist in zigbee.

That said, I will try to add zwave devices with capabilities that use default handlers and that the driver has a generic profile without parameters in preferences.

Normally the parameters of the device are not changed when uninstalling it from the dth and reinstalling it with a driver.
If you have to reconfigure it, you can use the Z-Wave Device Config Mc driver.
By the way, in the last update of the app they have fixed that the routines are not lost when changing to this driver as many times as you want, I do not know if this will be maintained or in the next update it will be lost again.

Send me the fingerprints and I’ll try as soon as I can

Thank you Mariano, i was confused why there were no threads on the forum with Zwave finger prints being added like zigbee, i thought i was going mad

Would you prefer i DM the details or post in this thread ?

Please, post it in the request for Edge drivers thread, so other users can see it

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