(EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices:

Okay resistor removed but it’s still showing 27.5 vs a thermometer showing 35 for the water temperature. I tried taking the probe out and putting it in cold water and it doesn’t change reading (by 0.1 degree)

I then added another probe and changed the settings to have 2, but still only see internal temp - both external ones are blank…

Please help - what am I doing wrong?

I checked my notes, the Fibaro Smart Implant had to be removed and rejoin to be able to add another sensor.

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Ah I see!
Removed, readded and now I have 2 external probe temperatures which look much more like it. That internal one must be a genuine internal stat, I guess… anyway thank you very much.


Dear Mariano, first of all thank you very much for what you are doing!

I looked it up and there is NO parameter to invert, but we would really greatly appreciate if you could create such a setting for FGR-222. I am in the same situation. Half of my 10 blinds are in one direction and the other the opposite. :slight_smile:

Hi @Ciprian_Moldoveanu

I’ll look at it in August to see if we don’t have to add a lot of additional code to solve it.

Also, in these devices, the cables of the S1 and S2 inputs or the Q1 and Q2 outputs on the physical device can be interchanged.


Hi @gmanor77 @GlowInTheDark @FiruLAD

Your devices were added to this driver version

 Name         Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc
 Version      2023-07-31T21:43:50.247029504
- id: 0118/0311/0304
    deviceLabel: Double Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x0118
    productType: 0x0311
    productId: 0x0304
    deviceProfileName: dual-switch
  - id: 0298/13F1/1405
    deviceLabel: Double Switch
    manufacturerId: 0x0298
    productType: 0x13F1
    productId: 0x1405
    deviceProfileName: dual-switch
  - id: 014F/4C42/3133
    deviceLabel: Linear Dimmer
    manufacturerId: 0x014F
    productType: 0x4C42
    productId: 0x3133
    deviceProfileName: switch-level

I’ll leave it for today, it’s too late, tomorrow I’ll continue


@Mariano_Colmenarejo My devices are working now again!! Really appreciate for your help here :D!!!


You are right , the cables can be interchange. But… This would be very inconvenient and require a trained and licensed Electric technician since this require opening an electric box. Where I live it is against the law to do it by yourself. I will consider that as last solution.

I hope you’ll find it easy to invert the shutter motor percentage via your code.

Thank you sooooo much, my lights are working again :blush:

Now to figure out how to readd the ones I screwed up while trying to troubleshoot before finally landing in this thread :rofl:

What capabilities does this bulb have, dimmer, color temperature, color?

As RBGW bulb, should have dimmer, color temperature, color for RGB and white control.

Added to this driver version, try it

 Name         Z-Wave Bulb Mc
 Version      2023-08-01T21:08:30.852140234        
  deviceLabel: Zipato Light
  manufacturerId: 0x0131
  productType: 0x0002
  productId: 0x0002
  deviceProfileName: rgbw-bulb

Working without issues! Many thanks, when you have time please take a look at (EDGE Driver-Mc): Z-Wave Edge Drivers and others with FIBARO devices: - #1038 by dragner

Added to this TEST driver version.
A driver change is not worth it, you must pair the device with the driver for group 3 to associate with the Hub

Try it and tell me

 Name         Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc-TEST             
 Version      2023-08-02T15:42:33.059063239        
- id: FibaroRollerShutter1 #august 2023
    deviceLabel: Fibaro Window Treatment
    manufacturerId: 0x010F
    productType: 0x0300
    productId: 0x100A
    deviceProfileName: fibaro-roller-shutter-1

Hi @Ciprian_Moldoveanu and @dotan_shai

Try with this TEST driver versios.
Added in preferences default smartthings reverse preference

 Name         Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc-TEST             
 Version      2023-08-02T15:42:33.059063239        

Working fine! Status is not getting updated when the device is triggered manually but this is something happening with the old driver as well.

Did you pair it from scratch with the driver so that group 3 is associated with the hub?

Try this version and if it doesn’t work send me logs with the CLI when you manually press the device to see what it sends

 Name         Z-Wave Window Treatment Mc-TEST         
 Version      2023-08-02T17:04:17.099788677        

No, I didn’t try, I will do it during the weekend as it’s not easy to access them.


As also posted here (Post Requests for Zwave Edge Drivers Here (community-created) - #2527 by AndersHolst1), I have I have a Qubino Flush 1d relay switch that I use to control my garage door motor.
It is currently using the default “Z wave switch” edge driver and I can trigger the switch and open/close the door, however I cannot access the door sensor which is also connected to the Qubino device.
Would it be possible to extend your driver to allow access to the door sensor connected to the device (open/close magnet sensor)?


Hi @AndersHolst1

I’ve been looking at the stock driver, which only offers the gtemp sensor option.
I don’t know what Qubino is certified with Smartthings and maybe that’s why the other functions haven’t migrated.

I have seen that @erocm1231 had a custom DTH in the smartthings public folder for this device, that offered the option of contact sensor and others.

Maybe you should talk to @erocm1231 in case he has a solution in mind.
Sorry but at the moment I don’t have time to dedicate to adding this, which requires a lot of work and a device to debug the code