(EDGE Driver-Mc): Fibaro Smart Implant Mc

Thank-you. I have now added my external temperature probe to the implant, then removed and added the device. The temperature probe became available, so great.

I added the appropriate child devices for my case in settings, which is a temperature probe and a single analog input. When I added the temperature probe as a child device I actually got a thermostat. I presume it is correct but it is more than this case needs. In ST the new thermostat is shown with controls for setting heating and cooling temperature and stuff for setting the fan state, which doesn’t make much sense.

My original question was maybe not very clear but I was actually wondering if it was possible to have more flexibility in the profile setup, as there is not a profile for this case. There would ultimately be many scenarios to list of you went through every permutation so I was really wondering whether it was possible to have options for which sensors to show in the display.

The good thing is that I can measure voltage and temperature from the implant, and it is also accessible in Home Assistant, which was my aim.

I’m glad it worked.

To use the temperature probe, a virtual thermostat is optionally created, because normally users who buy an smart implant and an external probe want more than just looking at the temperature value, for example controlling the temperature of a boiler, fish tank, swimming pool, room… etc

The best way to do this control is with a thermostat that allows all possible options for the different needs of users. More precision and better control of routines. Then each user uses only the functions that he needs.

The flexibility you are referring to when using devices like the fibaro smart implant depends on how the platform is designed. In smartthings, the use of profiles with different capabilities is the way to display and control a device. You can change from one profile to another. or add secondary devices that depend on the profile and the main driver. At least I don’t know any other way to do it.

You can add vEdge Temperature & Humidity Device and then you can copy temperature measurement from Fibaro Smart Implant to normal Temperature device. Copying is made using Rules API rule.

Rules API rule example is here:

Yes, I was thinking the same thing and successfully added a virtual thermometer and rules to update from the implant. I am using the API Browser + to set rules, as described in an earlier post of mine:

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So, what is going on here? I can tell you all that my sauna was actually warm and ready for use, but check out these readings from the child thermostats of the Smart Implant. (The readings from the sensors as reported by the Implant are identical).

Up till a few weeks ago (?) this didnt happen.

Where might the problem stem from: The hub firmware, the backen, the app UI, the driver, a bad Implant?

Tagging @Mariano_Colmenarejo as the driver author and @TapioX as I believe he is an implant user and and avid sauna - goer as well (?)

My sensor is operating normally but sensor is measuring indoor temperature not sauna temperature. Maybe you sensor is broken.



The sensors are almost always clones, even though the technical data of online stores says they are DS18B20 type. They are not original Dallas (Analog Devices Inc./Maxim) sensors.

Original DS18B20 Technical specs is: Usable temperature range: -55 to 125°C (-67°F to +257°F)

There is no information about the actual technical specs of the clones.

More information:

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The driver emits what the implant sends it, therefore the probe or the implant may be failing.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo So if I understand this correctly, this device can be used like a thermostat. So for that reason, could I put this in a space heater, a dehumidifier, or a refrigerator to make it smart controllable?

I am just curious how to make it work. Would I wire it to the onboard temperature sensor and connect it to the +/- buttons on the device I am trying to make smart?

Thanks in advance!


This smart implant works with its own external temperature probes, it cannot be connected to the temperature probe of the dummy device.

The normal way of use is to get the information from the temperature probe connected to the smart implant to turn the dumb device on or off, with the switch built into the smart implant or by controlling a smart switch that turns the dumb device on or off.

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Hi all,

Using the Fibaro Smart Implant with Mariano’s driver and 3 external probes.

What I’ve been noticing after a power outage is that the three external probes are not updating. They stay fixed at 32 deg F. They are measuring temperatures of a heating unit, so all three are changing frequently.

If I disconnect power for an extended period of time and then restore it, the external temperatures begin to read again.

Any ideas?



What kind of cabling is there between the sensors?

  • Bus or star-shaped
  • How long cables?

Not quite sure I understand the question, but it’s three DS18B20 sensors soldered together and to the device, and the device is fed by an external power supply. I guess it might be “star shaped”, if I understand what you are getting at.

It works fine and transmits perfectly except for when power is interrupted and restarted. Then it seems to need at least one extended power cycle to start reading anything but 32 deg F again. The internal temperature reports fine after the power interruption, just not the externals.

The cabling is therefore short. Long cabling or all sensors on different cable ends could be a problem. These potential problems do not exist in your case.

I have been using this driver for some time now with great success. Mainly I am interested in measuring voltage on analog input 2. The voltage represents water level in a borehole.

However I noticed today that I am not getting any more voltage measurements from the implant, not for several hours. The voltage will change very slowly now since the borehole has filled up, and there is no usage. It could (?) have stopped sending updates because there are none, but I am concerned that something has died or stuck, and I would in any case expect some slight change in voltage due to the nature of the level sensor. Temperature readings are still coming in every so often.

However I have in settings requested periodical reports every 600 seconds (parameter 64) and would have expected updates, so something is not working.

Is there any way to reset the implant, or request a voltage measurement?

I have tried pressing “refresh” in the web interface for smartthings but there was no change. I also deleted and recreated the child device but that hasn’t made any difference.

Thanks for any advice.

Are you modified parameter 63?, default is 5 (0.5v report changes), but muy be your device value is out of sync with the preference value in app.

I imagine that parameters 20 and 21 will be set to “Analog IN without pull-up” or “Analog IN with pull-up” since otherwise it would never have worked.

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Hi, I found out that my device was not “dead”. Currently voltage/water level is very stable or slightly moving, so there was no change for several hours. I found that I could “force” a voltage report by switching between pull-up/no pull-up and get a voltage reading.

The voltage is curtently only moving by approx 0.02 at a time, and I have set the minimum change at the lowest level of 0.1V.

Unfortunately setting param 64 to 600 does not seem to trigger reports every 10 minutes.

Basically everything is working apart from periodic reports to tell me that it is still alive.

Also keep in mind that the event history App only shows events that have a value change and that value is rounded to 1 decimal.

To verify that the device is sending reports, it is best to use the CLI logs. Here you can see all the messages that the device sends, even if they are not shown in the history of the App.

Ah, ok, thanks for the clarification.