(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

In Android app working fine

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disappeared for me too

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@nayelyz, @niquini … opening this discussion for this issue: App iOS version 1.6.89 issue

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo another user is asking if its possible to add assignable action to virtual dashboard driver, when switch is on to do something, like for buttons. It would be only single action, not 3.

To my knowledge, that is available for buttons only, unless you know the way of adding that without loosing current capabilities. This way, he would like to cut down on number of routines.

I thought I read that button actions counted as routines. I might be wrong but I see them in my automations list.

Might still be a better user experience, though.

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**New version of Virtual Switches Mc, which is renamed Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc:

At the request of users and reading in several posts about the need to store variables resulting from automations and admit or pass data from third parties, such as sharpTools, webcore… I have added:

  • Virtual device with 5 free text fields, with presentation for automation conditions and actions



  • Virtual device with 5 number fields, with presentation for automation conditions and actions



The utility can be several:

  • Replace 5 virtual devices, which are used as intermediate steps of automations, for only 1
  • Pass values of variables resulting from another comparison dynamically
  • Pass text data or values that can be read by other third-party applications.

I do not use webcore or other similar apps, others can tell if it works for them and what for

Update will be done automatically and does not affect to devices created by previous version

│ Name        │ Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc                │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-30T14:57:03.722011289        │

Does this allow for mirroring of color/temp as well?

Hi @RJGill84

No, it only sends on-off values

Could switch icon be added to the icon list and would it be possible to see from dashboard which switch is active? I use maximum five switches and it’d be useful to see which is active. This way I could use only one virtual device to run my change my modes and to see which mode is on.

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Hi @Sakari

What type of device do you mean, switchboard?

That list of icons is what the app offers for the smartplug category.
I chose that category because it is the one that offers the most icons to change.

We would have to ask smartthings @nayelyz to offer the complete list of icons to change, regardless of the category chosen in the profile

I could make a multiple mosaic profile for the 5 switch switchBoard.
Doing it for the others would imply adding 4 more profiles

Yes, just basic switchboard, on/off icon. But more important is the dashboard. It’d be really helpful to see which is on. Now it just says any switch is on.

I’ll look at it to see if it doesn’t involve adding a lot of code

I’ll make a report to see if the info of the available icons to change can be added in the docs but that will depend on the review.
So far, the only related info I’ve seen published is the one in the post below, so, not all categories have the option to change the icon:


I have modified the driver so that the SwitchBoard, 2 to 5 switches, to show the switch or switches that are On in the status. (S1:On S3:On…)

  • If all are off then show “All Switch Off”
  • If all are on then show “All Switch On”
  • It only shows in the mosaic the Switches that are On, those that are Off are omitted. In this way, combine all the combinations in a simple mosaic. (S1:On S3:On S4:On S5:On)

New driver version:

│ Name        │ Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc               │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-31T17:04:02.238890609        │
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Is it possible to add color/dim level mirroring? That is my primary use case. I would think a very common need as well.

It can’t be done, or I don’t know how to do it.

You can’t pass values to other devices directly, and with automations you can only do that with attributes that have fixed options, like on and off.
When it can be values between 0% and 100%, like level, it is impossible with current automations. Or make 100 automations.
With the Rules API I figure it can be done, but I have no idea about that

@Mariano_Colmenarejo would this help?

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First part is for On/Off, second is for dimming. I am assuming same approach can be used for White Temperature and maybe Color, too.

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Thank you Milan for you recommendation, but I think I did not express myself correctly, sorry

When I said: With the rules API, I think it can be done, but I have no idea about it.

What I really should have said: that I know it can be done, but I refuse to use the Rules API as it is.

I understand it as, if to write an edge driver, which is written in a high-level language LUA and then compiled (packaged) to machine language for the processor to understand, they told us: how we don’t have time to make a LUA compiler (packaged), please write the driver directly in machine language.

This is the wikipedia definition for high-level language:
A high-level programming language is characterized by expressing algorithms in a way appropriate to human cognitive ability, rather than the ability of machines to execute them.

It is not that the rules API uses machine language, but it is not appropriate for most users to do their automations.

The day I need more complex rules and the rules API remains the same, I’ll manage as best I can.