(EDGE Driver-Mc): Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc (virtual Switch Mirror, Virtual Calendar and virtual Switch Board...)

@Sakari Basically using this virtual switches as preconditions to control 3 different light sets in one room with single dimmer. This is just one automation, as all other are similar.

This device is the one that I am looking forward to add to this

I googled SmartKnob after I read your post. It seems very interesting and it’s quite cheap.

As @milandjurovic71 suggestion, after some more testing, it appears that virtual SwitchBoard devices have more usability if the stock Switch capability is used as a multi-component device.

This way it is visible in Action Tiles and smartLighting.

To introducing these changes and if some user has already made some automation in his system, I will not do the automatic update, since the automations created with switchBoards old version would stop working when it is updated automatically without prior notice.

In this way, the best thing is for each user to migrate their devices to the new version of the driver when it suits them best.

The current version will automatically be called Virtual Switches Mc-(OLD).

The procedure to migrate the devices to the new version:

  • Install in your Hub the new version Virtual Switches Mc

  • Add new device and search nearby. The new MAIN Virtual Switch device will be created

  • You can see the Total Devices created in the MAIN Virtual Switch that you already had installed. You can refresh the device so that it is updated.

  • On each device you want to migrate, make a driver change in the app and choose the new Virtual Switches Mc driver.

  • You will not lose the automations created for Virtual Mirror devices.

  • For automations of Virtual SwitchBoards you need edit and modified them. Only the custom names of the switchBoards will be reinitialized, since the system does not recover them when changing drivers.

  • Once you have migrated all your devices to the new driver and the total counter is 0 then you can delete the MAIN device and the driver -(OLD)

  • I tested the migration process with all device types and works fine

@milandjurovic71 you need change yours created devices to this new version

New driver version:

│ Driver Id   │ 6342be70-6da0-4535-afc1-ff6378d6c650 │
│ Name        │ Virtual Switches Mc                  │
│ Package Key │ virtual-switches-v2                  │
│ Version     │ 2022-06-26T19:43:39.995553553        │
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New Version of Virtual Switches Mc:

I have modified the Virtual Switches Mc driver so that the Virtual Switch Mirror created have the Timer function, with the Random and Program options, just like the switch and switch power drivers.

With this function in virtual devices you can perform the function of switching on or off randomly or programmed in switches or zwave or zigbee bulbs that have a driver without that function.

In preferences are the settings for the maximum and minimum random time and the On time and Off time of the programmed Timer function.

To see the information on the time at which the next change from on to off or from off to on will take place, you must adjust the offset of the local time with respect to UTC in preferences.

New version will be updated automaticlly or with CLI could yo update maunally.

In order for the new functions to appear on the devices already created, you will have to close the app and clear the app’s cache if it is android

│ Name        │ Virtual Switches Mc                  │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-16T14:35:46.188309814        │

I accidently deleted the Main Mirror Creator tile from the app, driver is still installed. I have tried for 2 days to readd the main Creator device by scan nearby but it isn’t being discovered. Any advice?

Edited to add I have rebooted the V3 hub several times, cleared app cache and even force stopped ST app

Hi @Terri_Baker

I have published the Virtual Switches Mc-(SOS) driver on my shared channel.
Installed on your hub and perform search nearby.
A virtual switches main device will appear

  • Enter the device and make a driver change to Virtual Switches Mc. All your virtual devices will move to that new main.
  • Delete the Virtual Switches Mc-(SOS) driver from your hub

I’m going to leave this driver in the channel in case it happens to more users

Please, tell me if this worked for you


This worked. Thank you

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Hello Mariano,

It appears that latest ST app update did remove the option to select ENABLE or DISABLE in multi-switches when selected in THAN for automations.
Could you confirm this change? Because this kills your “mirror” solution.

** device uses your multi-switch driver.

In Android app working fine

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disappeared for me too

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@nayelyz, @niquini … opening this discussion for this issue: App iOS version 1.6.89 issue

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@Mariano_Colmenarejo another user is asking if its possible to add assignable action to virtual dashboard driver, when switch is on to do something, like for buttons. It would be only single action, not 3.

To my knowledge, that is available for buttons only, unless you know the way of adding that without loosing current capabilities. This way, he would like to cut down on number of routines.

I thought I read that button actions counted as routines. I might be wrong but I see them in my automations list.

Might still be a better user experience, though.

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**New version of Virtual Switches Mc, which is renamed Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc:

At the request of users and reading in several posts about the need to store variables resulting from automations and admit or pass data from third parties, such as sharpTools, webcore… I have added:

  • Virtual device with 5 free text fields, with presentation for automation conditions and actions



  • Virtual device with 5 number fields, with presentation for automation conditions and actions



The utility can be several:

  • Replace 5 virtual devices, which are used as intermediate steps of automations, for only 1
  • Pass values of variables resulting from another comparison dynamically
  • Pass text data or values that can be read by other third-party applications.

I do not use webcore or other similar apps, others can tell if it works for them and what for

Update will be done automatically and does not affect to devices created by previous version

│ Name        │ Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc                │
│ Version     │ 2022-08-30T14:57:03.722011289        │

Does this allow for mirroring of color/temp as well?

Hi @RJGill84

No, it only sends on-off values

Could switch icon be added to the icon list and would it be possible to see from dashboard which switch is active? I use maximum five switches and it’d be useful to see which is active. This way I could use only one virtual device to run my change my modes and to see which mode is on.

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Hi @Sakari

What type of device do you mean, switchboard?

That list of icons is what the app offers for the smartplug category.
I chose that category because it is the one that offers the most icons to change.

We would have to ask smartthings @nayelyz to offer the complete list of icons to change, regardless of the category chosen in the profile

I could make a multiple mosaic profile for the 5 switch switchBoard.
Doing it for the others would imply adding 4 more profiles

Yes, just basic switchboard, on/off icon. But more important is the dashboard. It’d be really helpful to see which is on. Now it just says any switch is on.