[Edge Driver] Hue Motion Sensor (No Hue Bridge)

It seems that the sensitivity packet is somewhat different in newer models, but I have no idea what the newer packet is like.
The structure of the sensitivity parameter packet is adapted from the legacy dth made by @bogdanalexe90.

Tried adding this today with the Edge driver and the hue motion detector is reporting no lux and no motion, when there is both.

Any one else?

I’ve got two working fine on Edge, so if it still hasn’t reported I’d exclude it and try pairing it again

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that did it. ty


Has your motion sensor been operating reliably with this driver?

Hey, remys…I have about 15 of these sensors, that have been operating perfectly with this driver…My only problem was one of my two outdoor sensors, and I think that was a distance/placement issue not a driver issue.

Good to hear! I’ll give it a go, thanks

Hi @iquix , thanks for the driver!
I have a question: device card in ST application - I cannot open it for my Hue Motion Sensor to see detailed current status. However, I can see it in web dashboard my.smartthings.com (screenshot enclosed). The same with Hue Dimmer switch. Is it a bug or feature and maybe any solution?

Using ST Hub v3. Reconnected sensor two times.

I have no issue displaying information in my ST app. Some errors in your ST app may cause the problem.

per previous post, I was having trouble adding the sensor. I added the driver

I think this is what got it to work.

I am using the Phillips Hue motion sensor v2, i.e. 2022 version.

Anyone know what the difference is between this version and the previous version? I assume they will both work equally well with this older driver?

I have installed the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor using the SmartThings app only and all behaviours are exposed and reporting well.

However, the sensitivity setting (disabled/low/med/high) is not saved and remains at the factory default (I’m guessing this is ‘high’ given the number of false triggers).

Is this a known bug?

Note: temperature offset (also in the settings menu) IS saved.

Hi. I’m using the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor. I’ve been in touch with Samsung SmartThings support and have been referred back to the Community developer.

Without an Edge driver, Smarthings finds the Motion Sensor but defaults to a ‘Thing’.

The problem is as stated in a previous post: everything works but the motion sensitivity setting is not saved.

I’ve used the Hue Bridge to save settings (only light level sensitivity and motion sensitivity are available, no temperature offset) and the values are saved so it looks like the sensor is working correctly.

At the moment motion sensitivity defaults to maximum so the device triggers on the slightest motion. Can you help resolve this issue?

Thanks, Ric

since the recent hub nuking… I’ve had a problem with my Hue Motion specifically. They are difficult to get to pair, but when they do they only stay connected for a day, and then show offline. I’ve got one that seems to be persisting but my other two are showing offline. Any suggestions on what I can try to get a more persistent pairing?

Sad to say that all of my Hue motion sensors have been going offline since the purge. Not sure if it might be related to the recent hub update? But since nobody is responding here I assume I am the only one with problems. Not sure what else to try…. I’ve gotten great at including them… but they all go offline after a day or so now.


So I noticed someone had mentioned that Secure Rejoin was causing disconnects. So I disabled that (I think it worked before like that) and everything seems to be solid now.

I’m using this driver to connect 3 first gen Hue motion sensors to my Smartthings hub.

For some reason, the sensors go offline after about two weeks.
I tried pairing them again for several times, which worked fine for another two weeks or so, but now I’m unable to pair one of them.

Have you tried disabling Secure Rejoin in the hub?

Yes, I did. When it was enabled the sensors would have disconnected after one or two days. With it disabled, they disconnect after about two weeks.

Not sure what to say, hopefully someone that does chimes in. All I can say is that since the purge of devices I have had a lot of devices doing this, I never had problems with offline devices before, but since re-adding everything, have had many of my devices go randomly offline and need to be re-added. Both with zig bee and zwave.

replaced the battery on my sensors like a week ago and also had them going offline yesterday. I will remove the batteries tommorow and put them back in to see if it fixed it.

Nothing to do about this driver/software wise?

did not work. i guess this driver is no longer compatible @iquix ?