[Edge Driver] Hue Motion Sensor (No Hue Bridge)

It seems that the sensitivity packet is somewhat different in newer models, but I have no idea what the newer packet is like.
The structure of the sensitivity parameter packet is adapted from the legacy dth made by @bogdanalexe90.

Tried adding this today with the Edge driver and the hue motion detector is reporting no lux and no motion, when there is both.

Any one else?

I’ve got two working fine on Edge, so if it still hasn’t reported I’d exclude it and try pairing it again

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that did it. ty


Has your motion sensor been operating reliably with this driver?

Hey, remys…I have about 15 of these sensors, that have been operating perfectly with this driver…My only problem was one of my two outdoor sensors, and I think that was a distance/placement issue not a driver issue.

Good to hear! I’ll give it a go, thanks