[Edge Driver] FortrezZ Water Meter

This Edge driver is for FortrezZ’s water meter device. All the features from the Groovy DTH are now available with this driver. A huge thanks to @Mariano_Colmenarejo for all his invaluable help in making this possible. I learned a lot thanks to him! If you use this driver and run into any issues, please post what you run into.

This driver will not work with any of FortrezZ’s legacy Groovy code, and I do not believe they have any plans to update them for ST’s platform change.

The screenshots below show the data collected and calculated from the meter, and are pretty self explanatory. The “Water Sensor” capability when “wet” is when water is flowing, and “dry” when flow has stopped. This is super handy for when you want an automation to turn off a valve when there’s water flowing and nobody is home or your location mode is in something like “vacation”. This driver also supports the ability to reset meter values, which I highly recommend you do. If you use @Mariano_Colmenarejo’s virtual calendar driver you’ll be able to schedule a reset whenever you want (see screenshot for that below).

Here is the channel invitation:

Here are screenshots, including a multi value version of the main tile. Please note that the detailed view below has changed since this posting due to undocumented changes ST is making on their end that is out of my control. There is more content now for each label, but the “units” are missing. Once these changes settle down and “units” reappear, I will update this posts with new screenshots.