Edge driver for Zigbee fan?

I have a Hampton Bay Zigbee fan. For the past few years, I have been using the King Of Fans Zigbee Fan Controller custom DTH by Ranga Pedamallu, Stephan Hackett, & Dale Coffing.

Is anyone working on a Zigbee fan edge driver?

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I have 2 of these, did you find anything out?

I have 2 also and would much rather be able to control the fans directly instead of a Bond that gets out of sync when people use the manual controls in the room.

Really hope someone can release a compatible driver!

I sent a spare device to a developer who offered to look at it after I posted in the driver request thread. It’s only been a few days; I assume he’ll post an announcement when he’s got something…


who ever it is, if they have a by me a coffee link o0r something like that I am happy to throw a few his way

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