[Edge] Driver for Aqara Switches and Remotes

nope no changes, your can see the driver date on the details page.

But the ST is updating firmwares regularly, so it’s a good idea to reboot the hub and see logs.

Already tried to restart the hub, no effect. Will try to re-pair over the weekend :frowning:
Where can I see the logs?

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You can see the driver log using the following instructions:

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Hello, I’ve been trying to connect my aqara wireless remote switch h1 double rocker using your edge drivers, but have not yet been successful, i have added your channel and installed the switch drivers, the switch model is lumi.remote.b28ac1 it connects to my aeotec hub, and i can turn on/off the light with it automatically, without setting anything up, but i cant see the switch in the devices tab, or the driver logs, selected all drivers, but i cant see the switch actions/connection at all, if you have any tips it would be greatly appreciated.
Best regards, Filip.

The driver’s display on the application’s user interface and command-line interface is not controlled by the driver. This aspect is entirely managed by Samsung. If the driver is not visible in the installed driver list, it is likely that it was not installed properly. @Lanpeng_Woo had a similar issue with a cube.

Please attempt to restart and completely reinstall everything. If the issue persists, kindly reach out to a Smartthings representative for further assistance.

Thanks for the suggestion, i contacted Smartthings support, and we will see if they come up with an answer, would hope so since i have 30 or so of the switches :smiley:
Do you know of any double or more rocker switches that you can recommend that would work well.
I have an interesting project, working on a smart home with a very high number of devices, all zigbee lights 60 or so of them, with no physical switches, just sensors, and wireless zigbee equipement.
Have tried using hass, but the devices would drop out randomly, sensors latency would be very high, if a lot of actions are being done at the same moment, hass would drop and wouldn’t work normally until a reboot is done.

When you said device Tab and logs , do you mean in IDE ?
If yes , don’t use IDE , use CLI instead you will all the devices and drivers. Here is some instruction how to see logs from a driver:

Oh, I did not specify, yeah, I’m using the smartthings cli to view logs, cant see it there at all tho.

@stnicholas81 @veonua

I can’t see if this issue was resolved, as I am having the same problem with a double rocker no neutral model QBKG39LM

In a routine I can pick either Left or Right in the “If”:

However only the Left in the “Then”:

@skinnypope ,
I found out that in this situations, you can try Sharptools.io rule engine. Give it a try, I think you will be able to do there THAN in LEFT and RIGHT switches. I’m tagging @joshua_lyon the owner and founder of Sharptools in case you’ll have more questions.

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can you please answer @skinnypope

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If you’re using iOS it is a known problem since March that is supposed to be fixed in the next update app update.

You can use an Android phone or tablet to work around it


Thank you - this indeed has worked! Thanks again.


For completeness, I received an iOS app update today and it has now resolved the bug


Just installed a WXKG11LM button, it recognize single, double and keep pressed, triple and quadruple are missing…

Hi… how do you get the QBKG41LM works?
I able to connect to the device but seems like wrong driver i am using.

Can you please provide more details regarding the finger print of your device. Try to change the driver to Zigbee thing Mc from Mariano channel and provide a screen shot. His channel is here :

I just got two of these WXKG14LM wireless buttons. Hopefully they don’t require a separate profile for them.

Here’s the 2nd one

I can’t confirm these models as WXKG14LM. Can you please find any details on the Internet?

I suspect ACN008 is a two-button wireless switch, and ACN009 is a one-button switch

The fingerprints have been added to v1.14. But since I can’t find any information about devices I have no idea how the devices will behave