[EDGE DEVICE] Simple Harmony Bridge **Alpha Testing**

Hi @lmullineux ,

Will do but it has only happened with your Harmony driver the once for me.

I have though had similar symptoms with LAN drivers in general that have required an ST reboot to re-connect.

Once with yours, maybe twice with @blueyetisoftware 's Hue driver (but not recently) and, until relatively recently, a period of semi ‘regular’ dropouts (say twice weekly for a month or so) with the stock Sonos edge driver…

ST reboots rectified all these and everything is generally staying really healthy at the moment, there have been no network changes in this period either, just firmware and driver updates on the ST side.

All my hubs and major devices have allocated static IP addresses too which helps - I think :crazy_face:

(UK, v2 hub, android - all latest)

There reason I was saying check all logs is that sounds like a memory issue. All logs should show that, individual driver logs wouldn’t

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Same thing for me on the same day, so I doubt this is pure coincidence.

Someone needs to create a driver that can reboot the ST hub on a regular basis. :laughing:

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Yeah just happened again today. That’s been 3 times now the past week or so.

I might need to put an actual smart plug on my ST hub have it reboot automatically. Something I really don’t want to do but an ST hub reboot fixes this issue everytime.

Mine too has been spotty lately

when it is broken, can you connect with logcat and try to do some things - see if there is an error in the driver I can fix.

Without an error, I am blind to the problem as it has not happened to me yet

@lmullineux I have this issue reproducible right now and will avoid rebooting my hub until you get the info you need. I get no response from the SmartThings devices. The messages are just not reaching the Harmony hub.

I started logcat (smartthings edge:drivers:logcat), selected the driver and nothing…

I tried enabling/disabling Get Config on Connect, as well as attempting to initiate activities. Nothing happens and nothing in the log. restarted logcat and selected all drivers and I receive logs for other drivers. I do have Verbose Logging enabled.

Please let me know any additional steps I should try to get you more info.

Driver Version 2023-05-23T13:58:40.67592036

Thanks @danhvos I have dropped you a DM with a few questions.

@nayelyz do you have any idea what could cause a driver to be hung like this with no entries going to the logs whatsoever? A reboot of the ST hub seems to fix the issue

It seems to be happening to lots of people. and after the prompt from @danhvos about his issue today I have checked mine and it appears to have also got hung at 05:55 saturday morning.

Any thoughts on what can cause a driver to be hung like this? I notice samsung have installed a bunch of edge drivers to our hubs that i didnt ask for or need e.g wemo, bose hue etc etc - thats the only difference I can spot from my side - could they be causing a problem with either resources or conflict?

Sorry but I haven’t seen before that a driver stops logging all messages, I will ask the team, but if it happens again, it would be helpful for the investigation that you send the Hub logs (before rebooting it). These are the steps:

  1. In the IDE, enter “my hubs”
  2. Enter the corresponding Hub and go to “view utilities”
  3. Click on “send” below "send hub logs”

And also, please provide the driver ID and access to your account:

  1. Confirm the email account registered in the forum is the same one you use for SmartThings. If not, please share it with me over DM
  2. Enable support access to your account:
  1. Go to the SmartThings Web (my.smartthings.com)
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and confirm - In this step, please select “Until turned off”, once the team finishes, we’ll let you know so you can disable it again
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Thanks @nayelyz

@danhvos could you follow the instructions above please? (Presuming you haven’t rebooted yet)

Thanks both

@nayelyz I have done all that you asked. My Samsung login should be the same as this account. Account Data Access is turned On, as requested.

Driver ID: 73456b32-6f2e-4100-93c9-213cc724c1be

I have no urgency to reboot, so your team can look at it and investigate it, in place, if needed. Please let me know when you are complete with investigation and I will reboot.


Just want to add that I can confirm I am seeing the same issue. It just took me a while to realize.

Hi everyone. It looks like I’m also having an issue where the SmartThings hub needs to be rebooted frequently to get this all working again. I’m not certain why it stops working, but the reboot is the only (temporary) remedy I’ve found. I think you guys are already working on this, just wanted you to know another person has the issue. Thanks!

same problem and using the same solution here.

Hi @nayelyz

It looks like several others have all experienced the same thing, so it doesn’t seem to be isolated.

Please see other comments

Hi, everyone.
During the time that Harmony devices stop responding, do other devices keep working? Zigbee, Z-Wave and LAN? This is to know if it’s a general problem in the Hub or only for a particular driver.

I can say that no other devices at the moment are affected in my case - I can still control z-wave devices etc. without an issue. I’m experiencing the exact same as other folks on this thread - reboot fixes it, works once or twice, then stops working (even while other devices do)

When it happened to me, I could see logs from my other edge drivers both ZigBee and lan when I connected to ‘all logs’ using logcat. So I presume they were working fine.

When connected to the harmony service logcat, no logs were being generated.