Edge conversion, should I be getting worried?

With 3 weeks to go before the Groovy platform is shut down, I still have a good deal of devices that have not converted. There are some custom DTHs I’m using from third party that I’m working with separately, but I’m talking about the built in DTHs. The ones that are most concerning are Z-Wave Water Sensor, ZigBee RGBW Bulb, Z-Wave Switch Generic, and Z-Wave Lock. These are all “local” DTHs that I’ve been expecting to migrate, but haven’t seen them do so.

Should I sit on my thumbs with these and just wait (hope) SmartThings does the migration to Edge drivers or should I start seeking out other Edge drivers from third parties?

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Probably wait, yes. And don’t plan any long holiday trips since you’ll likely need to be fixing issues between Christmas and New Year.

I had 11 ZigBee devices auto-migrated roughly 10 days ago and none since. That leaves about half my ZigBee devices, all my Z-wave devices, and all my virtual devices unmigrated. Plus the promised Smart Lighting migration. Not to mention the things we lose when the IDE goes away.

I’ve seen reports here of people getting a handful of Z-wave devices migrated but nothing else. Since there’s no transparency it looks pretty random from the customer perspective.

At a guess we need another hub firmware update and app updates for both platforms.

I’m actually now hoping Samsung will move the target end date to the end of January or later and let both us customers and their support staff have a quiet holiday.





I just looked in my IDE Device list and stared at all the zwave devices not placeholders… I’ll start panicking now.

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I wouldn’t worry. SmartThings has been late on pretty much every pre-announced change in their history, and they aren’t even late on this one yet. It will happen when it happens.

If you want to get ahead of the game you can look for existing edge drivers and manually switch to one, but then you have to remove the device from your network and all automations, then re-add it and re-create all the automations. That’s a lot of work. If you wait and let it happen with the automatic migration, you don’t have to do the delete and re add process.

So it’s up to you, but I certainly wouldn’t be panicking.

You can find edge drivers in the following places. The first table isn’t complete, it’s very new. And it’s unofficial so it depends on community members to update it. If you see something there, you can use it, but if you don’t see it it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist – – it might just not be in the table yet.


And these are lists by device class of community – created edge drivers, so one list for locks, one list for sensors, etc. This is more complete, but takes more work to research.


The following official FAQ describes your transition options. Also note that it says the automatic transition will be gradual and that the “majority“ are expected to be done by December 31, 2022, but they’re not saying that the plan is even to have all of them done by then. Again, they’ll be done when they’re done. :man_shrugging:t2:

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One function of the IDE – browsing for hub, device, etc info – is partially replaced by @TAustin’s API Browser.


Tracking alternatives here:

Life after the IDE: Questions and Answers

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And with today’s release, he added having near term history for devices in the API browser.


My light bulbs moved to a Edge driver yesterday.

Zwave, ZigBee or wifi?

I still have several devices that that don’t show “Driver” when you click the 3 vertical dots in the app

I have loaded Edge drivers from Yakov’s SmartThings Edge Drivers and Mariano Shared Beta Driver that fixed my SmartThings buttons and outlets.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo is adding ZWAVE Leviton dimmers (DZPD3-2BW & R51-DZ6HD-1RZ) and outlet (DZPA1-2BW) to his driver package.
Edge Drivers for Leviton Dimmers

I have 2 First Alert ZCOMBO Smoke/CO detectors, 2 Ecolink Z-wave Plus Door & Window Sensors (DWZWAVE2.5-ECO) and a Dome Motion Detector (DMMS1) that haven’t been switched over.

Also 2 EcoSmart Remotes and Ecosmart ZigBee White Color Temperature Bulbs haven’t been switched over.

Not sure what to do for devices without Edge drivers…

These are supported by the stock (beta) Zwave Smoke driver. I’m using it with no issues.

These are supported by @philh30’s sensor driver.

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I got the Ecolink devices working - had trouble excluding them so I force deleted them using the Groovy IDE.

How do I get the smoke detectors to use the stock(beta) Edge drivers? Do I have to exclude/delete them and re-add them?

Yes. Unless you wait for the fabled auto-migration. To migrate yourself you have to remove the devices, remove any custom DTHs they were using, probably factory reset the devices, then add them to SmartThings.

Thanks! That’s what I figured… And of course any routines have to be re-created :grimacing:

Yep. Inertia is keeping me from doing this. I don’t have a ton of automations but the time-consuming tedium of the whole process …


you can create a virtual device with the same capability and replace the smoke detector you are going to exclude with the virtual one in the routine. Then come back and edit it with the smoke detector when you add it back.

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Thanks, but I took screenshots of the routines so it would be easy to recreate them…

@csstup - I got my Smoke/CO detector drivers installed and the Ecolink Sensors.

Everything went smooth - Thanks!!