Edge-based Total Connect 2.0 Integration?

Has anyone looked at creating an Edge-Based integration with Total Connect 2.0 (Honeywell Security System)? Something like what was done in Groovy mentioned here:

and here:

I’ve used this one for many years:

I have a rough integration working now through IFTTT, but it’s not ideal and doesn’t work as well as this one did.

There has been an official c2c integration for Honeywell TCC for as couple years.

On any page push + sign > add device > by brand > Honeywell TCC.

I could be wrong but I don’t think Total Connect Comfort and Total Connect are the same thing. TCC is for thermostats, Total Connect 2.0 is for security/alarm systems.


I could easily be mistaken.

Honeywell/Resideo doesn’t help by using such similar names.

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Hal is correct. Total Connect Comfort (thermostats) and Total Connect 2.0 (security systems) have nothing to do with one another other than both being related to Honeywell products.

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