ECOWITT with Smartthings

Wondering is anyone has an ECOWITT and have it connected to smartthings. I have been looking at them for Weather and garden, mostly the garden like the ECOWITT WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor.
ECOWITT does not have IFTTT integration so that is out.
I will update either way if i end up buying and playing around to try and get it connected.

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Didn’t see anything when I did a search, but I know there are numerous members here with Bloomsky connected to ST.
Maybe check it out to see if it has the specific features you’re looking for in a weather station device.

@granzy I too am interested in ECOWITT integration. Please share if you find anything. Thanks!

@nuukem , I havent found anyway as of yet searching the web.
I have been also looking at Wireless Sensor Tag, Wireless Water/Moisture Sensor using the Smartapp from the old post below.

I found that ECOWITT GW1000 is compativle with WeeWX server, which in turn can be connected to SmartThings.

Here’s the SmartThings Smart App for the WeeWx integration.

I haven’t tried it yet, but looks promising!

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Thanks @nuukem, great find. I have a PI3 that I’m using for big talker 2 that it might be perfect for.
I will dig into this and report back on what I decide to do.

@granzy, please do let us know what you put together.

I’m going to look into setting something similar up. I’m trying to find a Wx station solution that’s compatible with both SmartThings and RTI. WeeWx might be the key for me.

So I have decided to go with the solution that @Alwas detailed out in Smartthings & Moisture Sensors
I have not received any of the equipment I ordered yet, but am planning to use @iharyadi sensor with the moisture sensor below and a Switchbot turning on and off an old in-line hose timer.

@granzy good choice, that’s a very reliable system. About the switchbot, it seems quite a precarious and delicate little object, and expensive with the extra hub required, and requires the cloud to work. Can you get 24v to your in-line hose control? Because I replaced mine with a regular 24v solenoid valve for garden irrigation, and use the first gen Fibaro relay to control it, all within Smartlighting so it runs local. With a virtual switch controlled by the Zigbee water sensor to control watering or not.

@Alwas I was looking at doing just that as I have an irrigation solenoid valve laying around.
The reason I wanted to try out the switchbot approach was two fold.

  1. I already have a Switchbot hub mini running my theater system.
  2. My water valve, where the switchbot will be located, is in inside the garage so it is protected. I defiantly would not put the switchbot outside.

What Fibaro are you using? This one?

Has anyone tried this recently? I am getting some syntax error on run of WeeWx after adding the .PY and altering the CONF as noted…


I got it… was not grabbing the RAW .py… seems good to go

Anyone managed to make “” work with smartthings?

Yes… been running this since my last post. I have the info coming into ST and using Webcore for automations.

Once I got the PY extension added to WeeWx… I just checked the current.json that is created to make sure it was being updated on schedule. I have an old laptop running Linux Mint with WeeWx. Took some putzing around but finally got Ecowitt sending to WeeWx then using this script, making json to to let ST read. With IDE slowly coming to an end, the ST parts of this will need moving to the new way ST does things…


Can you please tell us what you did to make it work, I have lots of ECOWITT devices and disprately waiting for a solution to make the ecowitt work with smartthings Thanks

Any new insights?