Ecovent and SmartThings

So I got my Ecovent system in Feb 2015. I have to say for the most part I love it, except for the fact that I can’t really use my Nest with it, has no grill on the vent (allowing my 2 year old to throw whatever down the vent) O yea and as of right they still haven’t opened their API or made a SmartThings intergration, which blows my mind.
Well being this is something that is a must for me, I wanted to get an idea of how many people on this forum are also waiting on the intergration, if any.
I am also looking to see who is any good with http requests and writing device types. In case I happen to have figured out the API via MITMProxy and want to get a device type made up.


I have more than a dozen EcoVents, all using the SmartThings DTH.

I’m referring to ecovent system which runs off of a central hub. I think you are talking about ecolink or econet vents which are z-wave vents.

Ooops (my bad). Sorry.

So it has been some time since I was first looking for Ecovent integration with SmartThings. When I first pre-ordered my Ecovents I was told that a API would be opened at some point, that never happened, and that is was a goal for integration with products like ST or Alexa to take place, that never happened. So because of that I was left to figure things out on my own with the help from the communities GIT code and tons of help from @Fuzzyligic.

Here is my Git code for an integration with the Ecovents that was discovered by use of MITMproxy

I included an example API file in the GIT as i know many don’t have or may not have even heard of the Ecovent (not to be confused with econet). For those that have not, it is part in-home and part cloud based zoned venting. Each room has a supply vent/s, a sensor/s plugged into an outlet and a hub that plugs into the internet. The hub communicates to the vents, sensor and thermostat via their own RF signal that is closed off (well with the thermostats the zen is zigbee, Nest and Sensi are via cloud). The system can run fully on its own without internet (except for the nest and sensi thermostats), however internet is needed to make the changes to the set points for each room.

So back to the code. It needs some love, ok lots of love, as it’s a mess and I not a coder, just love my smart home!!

Here are the areas i need help improving.

1: Adding switch and code for users to go from “C” to “F”

2: Ensuring tempatures are seen correctly with smartthings (ex. I have found that even with everything showing as “F” my echo only sees “C”

3: The token doesn’t seem to have an expiration date, however with the smartapp the token starts to throw errors after a week or two, sometimes shorter and sometimes sooner. Need coded that allows the app to get a new token if the token it has fails.

4: Ensure that all commands. Temp up Temp Down, Set Temp, Turn on fan are all smartthing friendly so that routines and Alexa Echo can control that room.

5: Adding ecovent scenes support somehow. (low on todo list)