EcoSmart Zigbee Remote

Thanks for the info regarding button automation center, first I’ve heard of it. Toggle on/off alone is a great option which still leaves 3 buttons for brightness/temp combinations.

Incremental dimming/temp change would be a big hit, if someone could pull it off. Maybe I’ll wade into this webcore stuff, but I’ll have to rely on some of you savvy folk for some guidance.

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I made very simple brightness change function in webcore in above picture.


Ah, ok. I’m using the old app and both ‘generic z-wave device’ and Aurora remote/button are not available.

Nice. Seems like the logic isn’t too hard to follow. Hopefully I can figure out how to integrate that without bugging anyone too much.

Much appreciated.

You have to use the old smartthings app. Add a thing manually. Put the remote very close to the smartthings and press the power button. It should detect something and link the device to hub. However this is not a very useful thing to do. Once connected to the smartthings hub it will control all of your ecosmart lights regardless of the room. I would just wait until the proper driver is released.

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The remotes come paired with the bulb out of the box. The first step should be unpairing them before then pairing them each independently to the hub.

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You can use either app. Just have to get the hub into pairing mode. Definitely need to reset the remote first, too.


To add remote in V3 app, go to add Device, find EcoSmart, select Light, and desired room, and click on next. This will put hub in pairing mode and assign correct DTH. Prior to this add device handler from link above to IDE. Device looks nice.
@BroderickCarlin is it possible to have Press and Held. Currently, only Press is available?

How do I code the subscribe for the buttons in a SmartApp? This is my first SmartApp and I am working through the tutorial with these devices.

I have:
subscribe(ESRemote, "button2.pushed", dimmerHandler)
Or should it be:
subscribe(ESRemote, "buttons.button2.pushed", dimmerHandler)

Is one of these close to the correct formatting?

Good question, wrong thread.

Please start a new thread in the following section of the forum and I’m sure there will be several people who will be glad to help you with your code.

Those of us who rely on voice readers will thank you. It’s really onerous when code shows up in other parts of the forum. :nauseated_face:


Just use the Button Controller smartapp. Add a SmartApp -> More -> Button Controller

Fancy meeting you here :grinning:

Thanks for this, mine work great!

So I noticed that toggle is still like the SmartThings button where it doesn’t recognize the state of the actual switch. For example, if I turn on the light from the remote and then turn off the light from the physical switch, when I go back to turn on the light from the button it requires 2 presses because it still thinks the light is on. Hope that explanation was clear.

The workaround for the SmartThings button was to make separate SmartLighting automations for On and Off and then specify to only do each one if the light is on or off. So for the On automation you’d specify to only run it if the light was off. This eliminated the double button presses. These additional options don’t appear to exist in the new app.

Also, and I’m not sure if this will be addressed in the “official” release or if it’s just a limitation of the remote. But I’ve noticed that if I assigned a specific light or switch to one of the buttons and then change my mind and clear it out and use a different light or switch for that button, it still controls the old light or switch in addition to the new one that’s assigned. I ended up excluding and re-pairing to SmartThings to overcome that issue.

In any case, great work @BroderickCarlin!

For those of you wanting to pair these remotes to ST so you can use with Hubitat via HubConnect, I can confirm that it works. However, I can only sync each individual button of each remote to a single button device on HE. When I tried the 4-button, HE didn’t give me an option to assign the buttons in Rules Manager. It sux to have 4 devices on HE per remote and in turn, 4 rules. I made similar post on Hubitat forum.



Im guessing hubitat has no concept of a multi component device (MCD).

only the second and third button support press and held, but the official DTH masks these events as normal button presses to eliminate confusion as to why some buttons would support it and others not (also press and hold on the bottom button is how you reprogram it, so not great)

The Hubitat doesn’t support multicasting. Is that same as MCD?

No. Multicasting is sending the same message to multiple devices at once.

MCD is when one device has multiple addressable endpoints, like a button remote or a power strip.

Hubitat definitely supports multiple addressable endpoint devices (I believe including this one), but I don’t know if they implemented it the same way ST did.

I think there’s generally more confusion when a device doesn’t perform the way the manufacturer’s user manual says it will. That kind of discrepancy is exactly what inspires people to look for custom DTH’s, IMO.

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