EcoSmart Zigbee Remote

Will this run standalone, i.e. could we use the remote to control anything, or will it need to be touchlinked to a ecosmart bulb and only control one or more bulb?

You had mentioned that the impatient could look at the Ikea button DTH were you referring to this one ?

My body is ready…

I may have to go pickup a few more

How did you get the bulb to pair with ST? I brought 8 and none will pair? Can’t get the QR code to scan on any of them [tried using Note 10 & S10+], it just doesn’t read it, so i tried skipping. Then it just hangs at 60% then fails. Hub is V3. Any suggestions?

You have to follow the “Unpairing the LED Bulb” procedure first to disconnect from the remote. Basically hold the remote a couple of inches from the bulb and hold button 1 and 3 until the remote light start flashing fast and the bulb blinks three times to show it’s not paired any more. Procedure is at the end of the manual.

I saw that but didn’t think it was already paired with the remote out of the box. Thanks, will try. Were you able to get the QR code to scan?

Just bought 6 at $4.something off home depot… seems like you can power toggle (about 1 sec cadence) 10 times to unpair remote too.

Didn’t try anything with a QR code. What was it supposed to do?

And yes, they’re paired out of the box.

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Thanks, got one to work…so I’m hopeful & you save me a trip back to Home Depot. ST just asks for the QR code when setting up the device. Gives you a warning about not being able to confirm security standards if you don.t

Bought 8! Look forward to the remote DTH!

To unpair bulbs out them in light fixture, and toggle power 6 times in 5 seconds. Lightbulb will flash twice. Than you can add them one at the time

BlockquoteST just asks for the QR code when setting up the device. Gives you a warning about not being able to confirm security standards if you don.t

Ah, I still use the old app as much as possible. Haven’t run across that.

Anyone wants to share alpha/beta version of DH?

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Anyone know if I can toss the bulb and just use the remote to control other Zigbee lights like Hue or Lightify? I’m thinking this could be a replacement of the old Lutron connected bulb remotes…

Sure…mine is already paired to ST. I’m just only using it directly tied to the bulb.

Sorry if my post is beyond scope…I am brand new to Smartthings Hub use. I bought a bunch of these Ecosmart lights and remotes. I got the lights working great but would love to replace my wall switches with remotes. I have read through this thread and I am really confused about how to integrate a new device handler based on what is included above. It looks like ydant has proved that the remotes can be used, but correct me if I am wrong, his code is not for Smartthings but for a DIY zigbee solution? How would you go about converting what he did into a device handler? Has anyone done this yet? Ryan780, I am unsure what you meant by your last statement, Do you have the remote controlling the lights through smartthings? First 3 buttons working? How do I get an test what you have?
As I mentioned I am a total Newbie when it comes to Smartthings. I have created a development environment and github account. I have forked the ydant code as well as the main smartthings branch (per the quickstart instructions). I have no idea if that was necessary. At this point I have no idea what I should do next.
Can anyone recommend a good place to get a basic education about how to work with device handlers? I would like to understand how to create, copy from others, and test/run them on my smartthings.
Sorry for the book…

Also I am following this thread and it would be really nice if it stayed on topic. Things like how many of these you bought and what you would like them to do are great an everything but they just doesn’t add anything important. If anyone has relevant information to how to get a device handler for the remote or better integration with the bulbs working it seems like that would be relevant information.

I am able to pair the bulbs with Smartthings by factory resetting on/off 6 times fast and then add a thing from the classic Smartthings app. Then after that I can factory reset the remote using the tool and adding it to Smartthings as a thing. After that I can touch pair the bulbs individual to the remote. This can be finicky and sometimes I need to do the unpair process from the instructions and then repair the bulb to the remote. One issue is once you join the remote as a thing it will control all ecosmart bulbs on Smarthings Any ideas on how to join the remote to smartthings but control a certain group of ecosmart bulbs would be appreciated.

For future reference for anyone else, there’s an easier way to do this.

Once unpaired from the remote, the bulb is easily paired to ST using Add A Thing.

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Is anyone able to pair the bulb to ST and then the remote to the bulb? And have the bulb controlled by both ST and the remote? Not too concerned about the remote paired to ST until a DTH comes out.

Yes, in this post:

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Yes Follow the steps from my post above add the bulbs to SmartThings then add the remote to SmartThings (requires a factory reset of the remote) last touch pair the bulbs to the remote.

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