EcoNet's EBV105 Z-Wave Valve Robot Flip-Flop Setting

My valve position is backwards showing open when closed and closed when open, how can I fix this?

If there is an “F” at the end of the unit serial number, you can change or flip-flop the stroke setting.
To activate the flip-flop setting, hold down the stroke button when connecting the AC Adapter. A second after the power is applied you can release the button. The EBV105 stroke control should now be set to reverse. (off = open and on = closed) You can repeat the flip-flop setting process to reverse or change the setting back to On = open and Off = closed.

My EcoNet EBV105 Valve Robot pairs/includes as a Z-Wave Switch and not as a “Z-Wave Valve” with SmartThings. How can I fix this?

When pairing the EBV105 with the SmartThings controller, if it does not pair as a “Z-Wave Water Valve” but pairs as a “Z-Wave Switch” you will have to edit the device type so it works with SmartThings automation in combination with leak sensors.

This is how you change the device type:

See video instructions:


You need to login to your SmartThings IDE and change for the paired EBV105 device type from “Z-Wave Switch” to “Z-Wave Valve”:

• Login to your SmartThings IDE account:
• From the top menu, go to “My Devices”
• Click on the EBV105 in question. (“Z-Wave Switch” ?)
• Scroll to bottom on click on “Edit”
• Scroll to “Type” and use drop down menu to change to: “Z-Wave Water Valve”
• Scroll to bottom and click “Update”

Using the ST-App, the device/EBV105 should now work with standard ST apps.

Thank you. I was having this problem big time, and after a few tries this process worked. By stroke button, BTW, he means the button that looks like a power button.