EcoNet EBV105-HC2L vs EVC200-HCSML

Anyone know what the difference in these are? One is half the price of the other

The ECV200 is the newer generation and was a complete redesign.

In particular, the original EBV 105 is a single unit with the control on top of the motor. This meant that you needed more clearance to fit it and also that it might be pretty hard to get to.


With the newer ECV 200, The controls are moved to a separate piece. which can be mounted vertically on the wall in a more convenient location.

In addition, the HCSML is the suffix for when you don’t know what size pipe you have. It conclude includes parts for three different sizes. (small, medium, large). If you know what size you need you may save some money by getting one that only has one adapter size.

The force specs are the same otherwise.

There’s an older discussion thread that has a lot of details on different brands and models if you’re interested: