EcoNet Controls "Soft Lock"

Was browsing the site to take a look at the vent controls, and noticed in the product section that they are listing a “soft lock” as available in September 2015… Looks like a normal lock, unless the are just using the photo. Here is a link… does anyone have any idea what this is?

I like this, especially when paired with my Ecobee 3 remote sensors which can detect motion as well as report the temperature of that location. A few of these, especially in the hard to reach areas of my house, are definitely on my Z-wave items Christmas list.

EcoNet’s EV100 Vent is officially SmartThings Approved.

EcoNet’s EV100 Vent, open close demo with SmartThings

Wow guess you can’t judge a book by its cover based on that website?

The lock looks like vaporware unless they’re magicians perhaps…