Ecolink window/door sensor (DWZWAVE2) as button device controller?

I needed simple and cheap battery operated (rental house) buttons so I got a couple of Ecolink window/door sensor (DWZWAVE2) and added a small momentary button to them. Smartthings found them easily and I can detect a button press using “sensor closed” and base my events/automation on that. This all functionally works.

The problem is that is shows up as door/window sensor and I have to do automations around sensor closed event, it participates in security triggers automatically. Not a huge inconvenience but still… Is there any way to use a device controller/smartapp that will make this device a “zwave button” which translates “sensor closed” to “button pressed” with a button icon?


Mike Maxwell has a very cool universal device type which can make one device report as a different kind:

So your open/close sensor can instead report as an on/off switch. :sunglasses:

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