Ecolink tilt sensor & smartthings

Does anyone use the ecolink tilt sensor with smartthings & alexa? I have a genie garage door which now works with smartthings but alexa does not see the door to so2ak any commands. I read the comments & only 1 person mentioned alexa inteegration with it so that’s why I am asking.

Don’t know about Genie but the Ecolink tilt sensor is the one most often mentioned in the discussion of the MyQ Lite app

Not direct integration with MyQ and Alexa no. But once you have MyQ lite working in Smartthings with a tilt sensor, and you set up the Alexa integration between Alexa and Smartthings, the garage door opener device will sync into Alexa as an smart home on/off switch device.

From there you add a routine that transltes: “Alexa, open the garage door” to turn off the garage door switch.

And yes, it works perfectly.

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