Ecolink Siren Compatability

Hello all,
i purchased a Ecolink siren without doing proper research. When i was reading the instructions there was a note to ensure the siren is compatible with your controller. I had never seen a note like this on other Ecolink deices so got to looking and it is not in the pre-populated list in ST. i also have searched here and find not comments on it.

Has anyone attempted to use the Ecolink siren and if so what experience did you have? Thank you in advance for your assistance with this.

This is a newer device with quite an unusual configuration.

First, it has a set of physical controls on the device itself, including jumper pins. While most of the multifunction siren devices out there can shift from chime to Siren through a network command, this one appears to require that you physically set the jumper pins inside the device, so you have to pick chime or siren, but you won’t be able to shift between them without physically changing the pin settings. The same is true of the siren volume for high/low.

Next, although it supports multi channel Association, it doesn’t appear to do anything with it, as it only has the basic lifeline Association group. I know that’s really technical, and it’s not really something most people will have to worry about, but it’s just a little weird. :thinking:

The good news is that if you set the jumper pins to the settings that you want, you should be able to just define it as a switch and turn it on and off from SmartThings without getting into anything complicated. I know that may not be all that you want it to do, but that at least should be pretty simple.

It’s not clear to me how the long tone (entry) Setting is achieved. The user manual isn’t really very clear on that. That might require a custom device type handler.

@krlaframboise has worked with a number of different Z wave sirens and might have more to add.

Meanwhile, I have to say that I personally would prefer a siren which can be configured on the fly through network commands. There are at least four or five different models of this type. But if there’s a particular feature on the eco-link that you really like, let us know, and hopefully someone will know how to get it set up for you.

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Thank you for the response JDRoberts. I have used the Ecolink motion and door sensors with good luck and just ordered the siren base on my experience with other Ecolink products. My bad, I am normally more OC than spur of the moment responses. Unless someone has other input that sways me I will probably return it.

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Are you sure that’s a new product? It’s z-wave certification date is 8/4/2016?

My bad, it’s “newer,” but not “brand new.“ First released for sale about six months ago. It’s not uncommon for certification dates to be a year or two older than the first release date as the company may have other reasons for waiting to go to market. I’ve corrected my post above. :sunglasses:

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I got a hold of one of these devices and through together a handler so it can now be used to play all the sounds using SHM and/or Smart Lighting.

The device supports Mutli Channel so the siren and 3 chimes are mapped to end points 1-4 and can be played using Basic Set.

I have to admit that I really like this siren/chime. It’s the first chime I’ve found that has the typical entry/exit sound of a real alarm system and it plays it until you turn it off.

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