Ecolink PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO not releasing motion


Love the ECOLINK products for my Smartthings system as they seem to be some of the most reliable with great battery life.

But I am having an issue with one of the PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO motion detectors. It intermittently doesn’t seem to be releasing the motion status. That is, it will indicate motion, but doesn’t change back to “no motion” after the 4-minute timeout. It then gets a little out of sync until I do some moving and pausing around it again.

I’m using this for the STHM security, but I also use it to turn on one light at night. My automation will turn on the light when motion is detected and turn off the light when motion stops (usually the built-in 4-minute timeout if motion doesn’t continue). It’s not been very reliable for the light at all.

Z-wave network should be great - there are at least three mains-powered devices nearby and on the way to the hub.

Thanks if you have any thoughts!

Sounds like packet loss. Look for ghost devices in your mesh which may be causing packet loss and do a z-wave repair.FAQ: How to remove ghost devices from your z-wave and zigbee networks

No ghost devices, have repaired a couple of times.

@RBoy Is there a way to measure ‘packet loss’ or otherwise measure health of the network or of a specific device? All of my z-wave devices show a fraction of messages transmitted as failures/duplicates in the IDE, but I’ve always ignored this.

Something in the way I’ve paired it? I’ve noticed all of my zwave devices seem to show ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE, never thought much of this either.

Interestingly, I can’t find in the event logs any situations where the motion sensor did not release motion (go from active to inactive) like I think I’m seeing in the app.

Basically, I have this sensor triggering a light. Some times at night, the light does not come on. When I look in the app, it seems as if it’s stuck as motion active. I am using Smart Lighting to control it to come on, then go off when motion stops. Since this sensor doesn’t reset until after about 4 minutes, I have no delay to turn the light off.

That’s packet loss in th mesh, the packet never reached the hub.

Maybe I said it wrong… I would think if the hub weren’t getting the messages, I would see something like:

But I always see the two alternating perfectly in the event logs.

So I’m trying something different. I turned off the Smart Lighting app I had created to turn on the light using this sensor and configured in in Webcore, which is the way I had this configured when I was using an alternate motion sensor. I will check to see if it is any more reliable.

That’s what you would expect to see in SmartThings history. It only reports alternating states by default. So if you get 2 active events it will only report one active. The exception to this is only DTH specifically written to report every event even if it doesn’t change state. Most DTH’s only report state changes.