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Ecolink Motion Sensor not interfacing with hub

(Buttercup Bill ) #1

I’m brand new to Smarthings and may likely missing something obvious. I followed advice to get add my Ecolink motion sensor to the hub. It is now listed as one of my devices. However, when the sensor is triggered, my phone, or the hub, doesn’t register any activity. Any help will be mostly appreciated by my wife who clearly believes I’ve spent way too much time geeking out with no results.

(sidjohn1) #2

Is this the device you purchased?

If so it is officially supported. You might want to start off with live logging open to see what’s up when there is motion.

Finally you can contact support, an e-mail to will get the ball rolling.

(Buttercup Bill ) #3

Sid - that is my device. Live logging just show the current time and states ‘waiting on events’.

(sidjohn1) #4

You may have a bum sensor, I’d contact support to be sure.