Ecolink garage door sensor reporting errors

Today my garage door sensor started reporting random opening and closing. Could this be a symptom of a dieing battery?

SURE. or insects or water or sunspots

I like to monitor spaces with redundant means for times like this. Cameras, microphones, more sensors.

Dogs are good too. Plenty to go wrong there!

um, thanks :smile:

Plenty to go wrong, okay, I guess they all decided to just start going wrong this afternoon.

Thanks again.

Coincidence?.. Today, I got two false openings / closings also on my Ecolink tilt sensor. This is on a week or two old installation with 100% battery reported…

Thanks Dan, my false alerts stopped 90 minutes ago Interesting. Mine shows 100% battery as well, That’s hard to believe, hmm, it’s been up for months.