Ecolink Door Contacts: Suddenly emitting random phantom opens & causing alarms

My 5 outside doors have had Locks and Contacts for over a year.
All door contacts are still reporting 100% battery.
Suddenly, 3 times in about the last 3 weeks, 3 different door Contacts have issued an Open.
There was NO open. There was no Unlock.
But, there was a SHM Alarm! They all happened after Good Night…

These two screen shots show the phantom Open at 10:45pm. I unlocked & opened the door at 10:46pm.

Perhaps the batteries are dying and the device does not report battery correctly?
Perhaps there is a weird ghost in the platform?

I’ve seen the same with two I have converted to water sensors

I have an Ecolink sensor set up to monitor whether or not my old alarm system is armed (contact closed is armed, contact open is disarmed). There’s been twice in the past week where the sensor changes on it’s own without the alarm changing as well. Interested to hear if there’s a problem.

I created a ticket here and emailed Ecolink support.
Will let you know.
Anyone else?

Same problem for GoControl door contact as well.