Ecobee4 is avalable Now - The best Thermostat on the market according to CNET!

And, here is another one who decided to switch from Nest to Ecobee4:


I’ve been searching but can’t find the answer: Is it possible to choose which sensor to use based on time of day, i.e. use the downstairs sensor/ecobee during the day and one upstairs in one of the bedrooms at night? Or would it just be occupancy based?

Yes, it’s possible by associating the ecobee climate/program to the sensor(s) to be used at a given time.

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This is possible with the native app. I use the built in scheduler to say which sensor are used for which mode. I use ST to override the built in schedule so changes happens much quicker and/or to save additional money. Especially the home/away settings.

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That’s awesome news. We have issues with the upstairs always being too hot. We’ve had multiple HVAC people out, but all of their solutions were to just close the registers up/down-stairs based on the season, or spend 10’s of thousands of dollars with multiple systems and the associated remodeling since we are on a slab with one main trunk between the floors.


Later you could use one of my zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps with smart vents if you find out that just the ecobee thermostat alone is not enough to correct the temperature imbalance.

See this thread for more details:


I’ve been watching a few reviews. There is a pretty big issue with the Ecobee4… I haven’t seen it posted in this thread.

If you have another echo within hearing distance they will both respond as Ecobee didn’t implement the Echo’s ESP feature. I don’t think they are allowed to either.


This is common issue for all 3rd party Alexa integration, not only ecobee.

However, the ecobee team is working on it (Amazon has invested in Ecobee, they have a very close relationship now) as indicated here by the VP of Product on reddit:

[–]caseym_ecobee 1 point 7 days ago

Casey, VP of Product @ ecobee here…
ESP and changing the wake word are both things we’re aware of and will be working on. Our vision of whole-home voice control won’t be complete unless all of the voice-enabled devices in the home can play well together.
As I start to make more appearances here on this subreddit, I won’t be able to commit to delivering certain features by certain dates, in particular because we hate setting expectations with people and then letting people down if something doesn’t happen the way we’ve planned… but just know that this feedback doesn’t fall on deaf ears or get gobbled up into a pit somewhere that the Product people at ecobee don’t get to see.
Cheers from Toronto! Casey

P.S. In the meantime, you can change the wake word of your Dot or your Echo to avoid any conflict.

I posted just as a word of warning. I know someone who was pretty disappointed.

I am disappointed too with the issue. I have an Echo close to my ecobee4 and both respond to my commands simultaneously. I know I can move my echo somewhere else but that really is a workaround not a solution.

ecobee (@ecobee) tweeted at 4:10 PM on Wed, Sep 27, 2017:
We heard you loud and clear… We’re excited to announce #amazon & #ecobee are beta testing #ESP on ecobee4. #AmazonEvent


I can’t find that tweet anymore. Looks like they deleted it.


Another good review for Ecobee:

Just released: better integration with google Assistant:


Especially with My Ecobee device which brings the best of both world: ST and ecobee working together for more comfort & energy savings at your home!


Lol… You never fail to make me laugh!
I’m not sure how to comment on this purely subjective statement…
The only advantage Ecobee has over Nest is Remote sensors and having an Alexa service built in is just a gimmick, but that was never the motivation behind your post!

Isn’t this statement hard to quantify from an ST perspective?
Don’t you require only positive user feedback in exchange for free code and/or software updates?

If you read my threads, you might learn something about smart Thermosats and smart zoning!! LOL!

Till then, good luck with your Nest!

That might be the funniest statement you’ve made so far!
The only thing I could ever learn from you is what not to do as a dev and a person. Thanks for the wishes I will definitely stick with my Nest.

I’ve never said anything against Nst Manager (knowing the lack of good APIs from Nest)… I’m talking about
the Nest thermostat here.

BTW, few reviews from people switching from Nest to Ecobee (and my ecobee device):

Good luck again.

Not really familiar with either Nest or Ecobee, but why is Ecobee better? What can you do with Ecobee that you cannot do with a Nest or for that matter, why paying extra for a “smarter” thermostat when a zigbee or zwave is a whole lot cheaper than super discounted $199 Ecobee… I can see the advantage of Ecobee over others because it comes with an Echo device inside, but is that it?

Based on those 3 reviews I don’t see a superior product, just frustrated people that a Nest integration didn’t exist or they were unaware of the one that exists…