Ecobee3 fans! Major update coming

Did you get an email today regarding major updates rolling in few weeks including already an updated iOS app. Soon the remote sensors will be on the app as soon as there is a 3.6 upgrade on the thermostat. Check their website.

As such I am in love with their minimalist looks and UI.


Of all the smart things in my house the ecobee3 is the only device that lived up to it’s promises straight out of the box, was hassle-free to install, and has experienced no problems since I put it on the wall. This new update brings one small thing that my wife has been begging for - the outside temp displayed on the idle screen! Doesn’t sound like much but it’s a very helpful bit of info here in Michigan.


Probably the best looking… Have five sensors and matches the CT100’s and Fibaro temps to near dot. It’s a hot sexy thing…the remote sensors pair as soon as you remove the battery guard.

I have the iOS updates, love the iPad update. Still waiting for the rollout to the thermostat. Can’t wait to be able to see the remote sensors on the app. Wish that they would add the filter hours remaining to the app at some point.

I agree that this is a fantastic product. My old dumb thermostat offered nothing except the ability to take a quick glance at how long the AC had run that day. Any way to do this without decoding the home iq program?

Why is the Ecobee3 “sold out” on the ecobee site right now and not just “out of stock”? Is it just because they had a sale or is there an updated version?