Ecobee3 - $160 Amazon via Prime + Amazon Echo

Today only - order Ecobee3 with remote sensor through Amazon Echo device for $160.

$249 - $79 Alexa discount - $10 one time Alexa discount = $160.

Say ‘Alexa, order Ecobee3’


If you have an Amazon Visa, you can get $30 off, so $150 :slight_smile:

Isn’t that $30 off with code VISA30? How is that going to work with Echo?

You can’t do both. Save the $10 echo for something else. So the Ecobee comes out to $140 with the $30 VISA discount.

Still not sure how I can use the VISA30 code with I order through Echo. Ordered the Tap the other day through Echo for cheap but there wasn’t a way to use a code that I remember.

Yeah I think with codes you need to use browser or mobile app.