Ecobee vacation status

I am trying to build a WebCore that when my thermostat is in vacation mode, my outlet will go into random mode to look as though there is activity. There is not a trigger for vacation mode, just getting out of it. Any idea where to go with this?

Hi, the ST stock device exposes about 10% of the ecobee APIs.

My Ecobee Device (custom DTH) exposes more than 80% of the ecobee APIs, and amongst others, you can then determine if your ecobee is in vacation mode or not (programType attribute).

Please refer to the ST community wiki for more details about the attributes, capabilities, and commands available.

No other ecobee implemention exposes as many commands & attributes for WebCore Automations.

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Can you tell me how to use Vacation mode in WebCore?

Hi, you have to check the value of the programType attribute and look for ‘vacation’.

This is also indicated under the information section of the wiki which lists all attributes available: