Ecobee Thermostats Stopped Responding?

Hi all. I have two Ecobee 3 thermostats set up with Smartthings using yracine’s MyEcobee. The thermostats have been working fine since 2017. As of Monday morning (1/13 @ ~ 4am), both thermostats simultaneously stopped responding to Smartthings (I log the temperature settings via the Google Docs integration and that is when it stopped and ST just shows the same temperature from that date).

Anyone else have a problem with their Ecobees this week? Seems weird that they would both go offline (to ST) at the same time and I don’t see any other problems with my ST setup (nor did I make any changes to my network settings or anything else I can think of that would impact the connection).

Any ideas?


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Hi @phlepper,

Please post under My Ecobee thread to avoid creating different topics in the ST community forum.

To answer your question:it could be a problem on the ST side (ex. connection pools to the Ecobee APIs or a shard related problem) or it could be some specific APIs issues on the Ecobee side… You won’t be able to get a definitive answer on this…

It’s not the code per se as you have had a pretty good run for the last 3 years with My Ecobee device which proves it’s resilience!

Please follow the instructions indicated under my thread.

If you haven’t updated the code since 2017, please take some time to do so, and reinstall the devices. In your case, you’d need to create new devices, and reselect the new devices in all your smartapps & routines in order to delete the old devices after.

It’s a bit more tedious update than usual as MyEcobeeInit (Service Manager) since V4 now handles a different kind of tokens (jwt)

P.S. The online or offline status doesn’t mean much for a cloud-to-cloud integration, you’d need to check the events history to make sure that you still get refresh temp/setpoint/revision values from the Ecobee APIs. Please deactivate the Device Health check as it sometimes causes more offline issues with devices.


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Hello, @phlepper

May be related to Issues with Device Control

source: Status Page


Thanks yvesracine and erickv for the quick replies.

Yves, I didn’t post to the My Ecobee thread since it seemed (to me) like it might be a problem on the Ecobee side so wanted to see if anyone else saw a problem. I’m not sure when I last updated the My Ecobee items, but it was during 2019 that my ST hub died and to replace it with the v3 hub required setting everything up again.

I did go through the Ecobee init on the ST app again last night and reauthorized with Ecobee. As of this morning, I see that the Ecobees are both responding again and have since about midnight (that could have been around when I re-did the Ecobee authorization or it could have just recovered on its own?).

So not sure if it was related to erickv’s “Issues with Device Control” or a need to re-authorize with Ecobee. I hadn’t changed the password or credentials with Ecobee recently, so it shouldn’t have needed a reset.

Bottom line, after being unable to communicate for a couple of days, it has been working since late last night. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it happens again.

P.S. to yvesracine, Yes, the My Ecobee has been extremely reliable for us and it was what “signalled” to us that the connection wasn’t working. We have a routine set up with Amazon Echo that when we tell it “goodnight”, it automatically sets ST hello mode to “Sleeping” (which it does regardless at midnight). The switch to that mode turns off all the relevant lights, makes sure the locks are locked, and uses your ecobeeChangeMode smartapp to set the Ecobee to “night” mode which sets back the temp. When the furnace didn’t turn off (which it usually does shortly after we say “goodnight”), it caused the investigation. Overall, I’m really happy with how My Ecobee works and the flexibility it adds to the Ecobee integration!

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