Ecobee Suite Works in SmartThings, SmartThings Works with Google Home, but Google Home Can't Control Ecobee

I’ve been using Ecobee Suite for months without issue, and was always able to control my Ecobee via Google Home (by way of the ST connection and Ecobee Suite - no direct Ecobee integration).

Recently in Google Home, Ecobee shows offline. If I sync devices I get “Alright, syncting devices for Sonos, the Tile, and SmartThings. Isn’t available. You might want to try setting it up again.” but all other devices working through ST continue to work through GH.

The SmartApp is up to date, I’ve rebooted the hub, reconnected the integration in GH, etc. The only way in which Ecobee is unique seems to be in that I am using the SmartApp rather than a direct integration.

Any ideas?