Ecobee ST Switch Integration coming?

I just received an email from Ecobee/VIBEE as an exclusive to pre-order the new Switch+. One interesting thing I noticed was it had the ‘Works with Smartthings’ logo under it’s platforms supported and mentioned Samsung’s Smartthings under integrations at another point.

If we are going to be seeing the Switch+ integration, I wonder if the Ecobee Thermostats will be added to this as well…food for thought!

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Ecobee thermostats are already supported.


Ecobee thermostats have been on the official “ works with smartthings“ list for over two years:

It will be nice if the switches work as well. :sunglasses:

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Uhhhh…ooops. I swore you needed a custom handler to use them. Well, that’s embarrassing!

On that note, have no fear guys, the switches are going to work too!! :rofl:


That is good to know about the switches! Is there a link you can share?

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Here’s the link to the switches. I assume these will need a custom handler to work with ST’s since they also have Alexa and don’t require you to have an Ecobee thermostat.

I emailed Ecobee support asking about how the sensors will be exposed to SmartThings. I’m hoping the motion are true motion sensors (unlike the current battery-operated remote temperature ones which can have a delay of 5+ minutes before reporting movement.) If this exposes the individual sensors to ST it would be awesome. We’d basically have a switch, temp/humidity sensor, ambient light sensor and motion sensor in one (along with Alexa.) However, if we have to do all the automation programming within the Ecobee app, that would be a deal-breaker for many, since #1 people would likely want ST to be in control of the automations, and #2, the Ecobee app is not that great. I wouldn’t want to have to do any automation programming in there…


i have 2 switches on order. Would be helpful if they were integrated so i could expose the temp sensors to control the keen vents in the room

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I’m not able to rewatch the promo video right at this moment to confirm, but I think it showed the motion sensor activating a light, so it wouldn’t be the delayed “occupancy” the sensors use.

That is correct, the motion on light is almost instantaneous… from the reviews.

I think I read on another thread that it does not have dimming capability? That’s kind of a deal breaker for me.

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I’d be shocked if it didn’t. Maybe it was only dinmable via voice command?

The Ecobee switch is not a dimmer: on/off only. Perhaps a dimmer model will be released in the future.

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So did anyone get their switch installed and working with ST.

I’ve got one installed but can’t add it yet to ST… It’s not available as a device to add… Ecobee says it might be due to it still being prerelease. Official release is on the 26th.

Are you able to use it as an intercom like other devices?

Not yet. Amazon has not allowed this feature on ecobee devices yet.

I just installed mine. Pretty easy to install. You need a neutral, just like any other smart switch. Don’t even bother getting it if you do not have a neutral. The instructions are OK if you do not have a ground but, you usually ground it through your metal box. My wiring in the kitchen has plastic boxes, which is fine since I have ground wires. On the line/load wires, they are interchangeable, which was interesting. In that respect, it is just like a normal on/off switch as they do not matter which is connected to where, you just need a neutral.

No, it is not going to be a dimmer. I heard an audible “click” on the on/off of the switch, which tells me it is a relay driving the on/off. Dimmers do not click.

It took me a couple tries to get it connected through the app. I got a couple 500 server errors. I imagine the Ecobee cloud is probably getting hit as people receive these switches. The second time was a charm. It probably was my fault. I have a seperate IOT network and my phone was on my normal one so I switched it over to that network and that time it worked.

After I got it registered, it did not appear in the Ecobee app so I shut off the app in my phone and restarted it. It showed up and the home screen changed a bit. It now shows the thermostat and all the sensors with it and then a tab on the bottom to change to your switches. I like the new view of the app since it shows more on the home screen. This also was the case on the web page.

Once the switch showed up, I could get into the settings of the switch. On the device Info, you can change the name to whatever you want and modify the location if you messed up during the setup. It will remember where your thermostat is located so it is easy to just set it to the one they have on file.

The button that looks like an atom is settings. Smart Off turns it off 15 minutes after no activity. Smart on turns it on when there is low light and someone walks into the room. Night light has it glow in the dark. These are all just on/off settings.

The microphone helps you set up Amazon Alexa. All you needed to do was enter your password. You can do more on the Alexa app once it is registered but it is like the Ecobee Thermostat. You cannot group it with other devices for playback. I did NOT see a way to set up Bluetooth, which you also do not have on the thermostat.

I did not see a way to get it into SmartThings. I am sure it will eventually happen. I just don’t want it to be like the Ring Floodlight. For most things, the settings will get you through at least the motion on/off.

I do hope its motion sensor and luminance sensor gets integrated into ST.

But, based on what I see, I might get one for the laundry room. Would be nice to remind myself to get bleach or fabric softener when I do the wash and the motion on/off and nightlight will be useful.

I have one installed but I’m experiencing something strange with it. hopefully a “undocumented feature” and not a wiring problem. I have the ecobee 3 smart thermostat and a ecobee switch plus. everything works as advertised but after turning on the smart features (smart on, smart off) which turn the light on when someone enters the room automatically and off after 15 minutes when empty, when my ac turns on (ecobee 3) and if the light in the room where my ecobee switch is located is off the light will turn on, without anyone entering the room, and if the light is off and the ac turns off the light will turn on, when I turn these features off this does not happen.

in case anyone else runs into this, my fan for my ac runs 30 seconds after the ac cuts off and the difference in air temperature was triggering occupancy with the switch, turning my light on when the ac cut off, the switch is right under the ac vent, I simply adjusted the air flow of the vent and this no longer happens.

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