Ecobee integration: another example of moving backwards to move forward?

Close. Ecobee and/or SmartThings released a new Schema integration that replaced the Groovy one.

I did get a very nice (partial) response about 2 weeks after I initially submitted the issues to ecobee (he didn’t address resume but I am following up):

I was able to replicate this in-house with a fresh SmartThings account, and you are correct. It appears that the ST integration is no longer using the ecobee’s set Hold Action Duration and instead sets every hold as “indefinite”.

I have raised this with the development team, and they are working on a fix, which will hopefully release at some point this coming week.

FYI, the ecobee Groovy integration is officially gone as of today. So everyone should be on the new Schema integration. Unfortunately, unlike the updated Arlo integration, there has been no communication from SmartThings staff about this change where we can provide feedback.

@juano2310 What can you tell us about your commit?

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Hi @glenmm,
This commit was just part of a standard migration. Ecobee maintains the ST-Schema Ecobee integration. I was just in charge of migrating from Groovy to ST-Schema.

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Unfortunately, the new integration lacks some of the capabilities of the Groovy version of the integration. Is there someone at ST that checks the vendor implementations for parity or functionality? While you may say this is the vendor’s arena, it still impacts the usefulness of the ST platform overall, especially if you are retiring one (happily working) codebase in favor of its less capable next-gen replacement.

Resume is no longer working