Ecobee Eco+ (November 2019)


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“Suggestion #1: Buy an Ecobee.”


Hopefully it makes Smart Away faster. 2 hours is ridiculous to have to wait before it knows you’re gone.

adds improved home and away detection

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I just upgraded my downstairs gas package unit to a 3 ton 16 seer with 2 stage heating and cooling and my upstairs gas split system to 2.5 ton 16 seer 2 stage heating (furnace controlled) and 1 stage cooling. I also ran some additional returns!

Downstairs I went from a 16" to a 18" return run to the plenum. I put in an additional 20x20 return grill on the far side of the house with a 16" flex run. Upstairs I went from a 14" return to 16" return and ran an additional 12x12 with 10" flex for the master bedroom. I bottom cut about 8 doors to 1" openings to allow for easier air return out of those rooms. This all made DRAMATIC difference so far in my overall comfort levels with far less run-times.

Now I wake up to this beautiful news!

I highly recommend Ecobee Thermostats!

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