Ecobee device not showing

Hello, does anyone know why Ecobee is not showing up in the available devices to be added to ST?

Please see screenshot.

I see adding Ecobee in the current version of the Android app.

I think it must be a region issue. I have contacted ST and asked them to change my region. I will report back when done to see if this fixes the problem.

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It turned out to be a regional issue. I had my location updated to the United States in my Samsung account and Ecobee appeared in the devices list as expected.

Surely one of the most frustrating things about ST is locking integrations to specific regions.

For users not to be able to easily add a specific device just because they live in a region that ST deems as not correct is unacceptable in 2023.

We all live in a global economy with all brands being used in every corner of the World thanks to modern e-commerce supply chains. To have to request a region change to your account just to obtain the same basic functionality that someone who lives in another country gets as a default is disappointing and outdated.

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