Ecobee and ST V3

Is it just me or is there no way to easily integrate changing the temperature on my Ecobee in Scenes or automations using the V3 app?? It doesn’t show up as a device in either. Yes, it is in the full device list so it is installed.

The answer might depend upon which Ecobee device handler you are using…tell us and maybe someone can provide you with an answer…

I just added it so it would be the stock handler.

You will probably have to use the Classic mobile app to change the setpoints using Routines.

Alternately, you can use my (free) Ecobee Suite (see here), which includes a Helper SmartApp (Ecobee Suite Modes/Routines/Programs) that can change the thermostats’ program when the SmartThings mode changes, or when a Routine is executed.

Mine adds fine

Well that’s a bit bazzar. You are also using the stock handler?

Yup. So yours shows up as a device but can’t be added to a scene in the same location?

That is correct. I can control the Ecobee through the device list, but I’d I go to create a scene or automation, I cannot see them I like you can in your as screen shot.

Readded again and it shows up now.

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